9 Amazing Kalonji Benefits For Hair Growth


While shuffling through shelf full of spices, there is one unique spice which you did not think can be used for multiple health benefits. From adding a different flavor to food to providing skin, hair, and other health benefits, this spice can do it all. It’s Kalonji. Traditionally, kalonji is used as a natural treatment for bronchitis and diarrhea. But with the development of science over these years, several other health boons of kalonji have come into lime light.

Kalonji, which is known as ‘Karun Jeeragam’ in Tamil, is extracted from the fruit of Nigella sativa plant. In some parts of world, these seeds are popularly called black onion seeds. Kalonji plant which grows up to 20-30 cm in height has divided, thin and sequential leaves having fennel flowers, which bloom in pale blue and white colors, each having five to ten petals.

The fruit of this small plant has a large, inflated capsule-like structures with united follicles around 3-7 in number, loaded with a lots of seeds. These tiny, sharp black seeds are pungent and bitter in taste and smell, and often remind us of a combination of onion, oregano, and black pepper.

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Known as a ‘seed of blessing’, Kalonji seed is used extensively in ancient medicine and different cuisines for their medicinal properties and distinct flavor. These seeds form an important part of ayurvedic medicine and also are widely recommended for the treatment of disorders related to stomach, heart, eyes, and neurological diseases.

1. Cures acne


If you are tired of using creams and even expensive medication for acne treatment, try using kalonji oil mixed with sweet lime juice. Add half a spoon of kalonji oil to sweet lime juice and then apply it on the face. Perform this twice a day and notice acne disappear in very short time. You can also heal cracked heel with the help of kalonji oil.

2. Prevents hair loss


The oil of black cumin seed is well-known for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It provides the hair with moisture they need. Usually it works by strengthening the hair roots, so improving the overall quality of your hair. You need to warm some kalonji oil and massage thoroughly on your roots. Then leave it there for one hour and wash it off. Do this twice or thrice in a week as required.

3. Boosts memory


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Weak memory and forgetfulness are very common among the elderly people. But this problem can be treated with the help of kalonji seeds. This spice is known to boost the memory power, increase concentration, and enhance alertness in the older people. Make a drink using these spice seeds. Boil some mint leaves in fresh water and then add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil to the warm water. Drink this solution two times a day to get its benefits. You can also prepare the mixture of powder kalonji seed, honey, and kalonji oil and then consume it on a regular basis to get the same benefit.

4. Treats asthama


Asthma and cough have now become a common problem, thanks to the rising pollution level. Running off to hills or spending on medicines is definitely not the solution in this case. So what you can do is try some home remedies to get relief. Kalonji is a powerful remedy. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a spoon of kalonji oil in warm water and drink it daily after dinner and before breakfast. When you are having this treatment, avoid cold foods and drinks for at least 40 days.

5. Ensures heart health


One of the best home remedies for good heart health is nigella seed. The easiest way to utilize kalonji to ensure better heart health is taking it with some goat milk. Add half a spoon of kalonji oil to a cup of goat milk and then drink it twice every day for at least 10 days. After 10 days, stray drinking this solution once a day. During the treatment avoid fatty and oily foods.

6. Controls blood pressure


High blood pressure or hypertension does not show any unwanted symptoms but could increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Some simple effective home remedies may help control blood pressure in a better way. It is one such powerful home remedy. Also, it is well known for its great benefits for hypertension. Add half a spoon of kalonji oil to your favorite hot beverage which can help you control high blood pressure.

7. Provides stronger teeth


And not only for the health of your teeth, kalonji benefits the overall oral health. Also, from bleeding gums to the premature shedding of teeth, kalonji could help in treating all these issues. For improved oral health, mix half a spoon of kalonji oil with one cup of curd and then apply it on the gums and teeth two times a day. If you are facing with a toothache and swollen gum, make a mouthwash of vinegar and kalonji oil and rinse your mouth with it.

8. Induces weight loss


Kalonji can help speed up the body metabolism and promote quick weight loss. Mix half a spoon of kalonji oil with two spoons of honey and add it to the lukewarm water. Take this solution three times in a day for effective weight loss.

9. Treats piles and constipation


Constipation and piles are one of the most common digestive issues in today’s time, and that also in all age groups. However, a tried home remedy for these issues is kalonji. For treating piles, use a mixture of vinegar and kalonji oil on the affected area for 10 minutes. For constipation, you could consume kalonji oil orally with one cup of black tea.

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