BRIDAL ADVICE: 6 Things That Every Bride-To-Be Should Avoid Before Wedding


During wedding preparation, it is common to have troubles related to some issue even if you have planned it several days before the big day. But sometimes these perfect planning is ruined by some mistakes on your part that you should have avoided before your special day.

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Here is the list of things that every bride-to-be should avoid before her wedding:

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1. Avoid long trips

avoid long trips before weddingImage Source: johndhaleband

If you don’t want to get caught by a cough and bad fever then try to avoid long trips especially road trips one week before your wedding. Save these trips for post-weddings plans and honeymoon and try to enjoy every bit of your wedding fever.

2. Say NO to booze

Say no to booze before weddingImage Source: getfitlean

If you don’t want to look like a raccoon on your wedding then avoid alcohol before your wedding. Drinking will only lead to bloated stomach, puffed eyes and hangover which will only ruin your look. So, please refrain from drinking.

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3. Don’t skip on meals

do not skip on meals before weddingImage Source: beginwithinnutrition
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Never skip on your meals as it is very important for your body and skin. Always try to eat at frequent intervals even if you have a bunch of things to do. And always try to include more veggies and fruits in your diet.

4. Avoid extreme workout routine

avoid heavy workout routine before wedding

Image Source: mdpcdn

If you regularly follow a workout routine then it’s fine. But in order to make your body more toned if you are trying some new routines or exercises then you should stop at once as it can cause a sudden damage like injuries. So, it’s better to avoid extreme workout before the wedding.

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5. Sleep early

sleep early before weddingImage Source: otzyvy-tovar

You must sleep atleast eight hours a day. It is a very important tip for brides-to-be to avoid waking up too late as it will lead to dark circles and will have an adverse effect on your health later on your wedding day.

6. Avoid never tried haircut

avoid never tried haircut before wedding Image Source: prima

We all girls want to keep a track with the latest trend and want to look best on the wedding. But if you are having a haircut just one week before the wedding, then it can turn out to be a nightmare for some. And another reason to avoid haircut is that your hair will be tied up in a bun and your new cut would be shown up in your look.

So, these were few things that every bride-to-be should avoid before her wedding day to look amazing and beautiful.

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