Calamansi Benefits & Drawbacks For Hair And Skin


It matters how we treat our skin. Therefore, taking good care of skin is important to look beautiful and healthy. But the skincare cannot be always affordable, especially when it is related to commercial beauty products. Besides being costly, synthetic skincare product is also loaded with chemical compounds which are not bad for the skin but is also harmful for the overall health. So, it is always wise to rely on nature for getting natural beauty and radiance of the skin. There several natural ingredients all around us, which are amazing for the skin and also very inexpensive. Calamansi is one of the most trusted ones. Read on to know how to use calamansi for beautiful skin and hair.

What are skin and hair benefits of calamansi?

Below are some benefits of using calamansi on our skin and hair:

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1. Packed with antioxidants

Packed-with antioxidants

The Calamansi is a super natural source of antioxidants and vitamin C that is effective in fighting off the free radicals in the body. Being unstable molecules, the free radicals cause oxidative damages by affecting collagen in the skin. This leads to the early appearance of the signs of aging including dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc. Calamansi slows down the overall rate of free radical damage and also helps the skin to recover naturally, so keeping the premature aging at bay and preventing the onset of skin problems in the future.

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2. Natural bleaching agent


Being a citrus fruit, calamansi can act as a natural bleaching ingredient for your skin. It has a very strong acid content that helps in lightening dark spots as well as in skin by working directly on them. This wonderful fruit also rejuvenates the dead cells present in these areas and even turns them whiter and clearer. Also, calamansi could help you have an even skin tone by reducing the discoloration and blemishes.

3. Powerful natural exfoliator


The acidic properties of the calamansi make it a supernatural exfoliator. It renews the uppermost layer of skin containing the dead cells and also reveals fresh layers of cells lying underneath. So, we get smooth, soft, and visibly glowing skin.

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4. Rejuvenates skin


Vitamin C and ascorbic acid in calamansi helps in producing the natural collagen in the skin. This encourages the development and growth of fresh cells as well as blood vessels, which are necessary for a stronger, firm, and healthier skin. In brief, calamansi helps in complete skin rejuvenation from inside, thus fetching a natural glow on the face.

5. Regulates sebum production


Calamansi also acts as a natural toning ingredient, which helps in maintaining natural oil balance in the skin by controlling the secretion of sebum. As it decreases excess oil production, skin does not become excess oily to cause problems like pimple, acne, freckles, and blackheads. Hence, you could maintain a blemish-free skin and flawless complexion naturally.

6. Fights dandruff 


Calamansi is effective in treating the itchy scalp and dandruff. Apply calamansi juice on your scalp and rinse it after 15-20 minutes. The acidic nature of juice fights against the dandruff and makes the scalp dandruff free. Regular use is recommended for best results.

7. Promotes hair growth


The acidic nature of juice tightens the hair follicles and also reduces hair fall. It promotes the production of collagen so boosting hair growth. The antifungal properties can keep the scalp clean.

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8. Provides glowing skin


Add one spoon of calamansi juice to two spoons of milk and hen apply this mixture all over the face and body. Wash after 5-10 minutes with warm water.

9. Lighten dark patches


Rub the fruit all over the body focusing on darker parts like knees and elbows. If you have darker spots or older marks, you must scrub the juice on these sections also. Take a shower with warm water after half an hour.

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Side effects of calamansi

Vitamin C is the primary component of Calamansi. So, the acidic nature of the fruit might cause a burning sensation. Do a patch test before doing calamansi in daily skincare routine. Women with sensitive skin should avoid it. Make sure you do not go out in the sun just after treating the skin with calamansi. The strong acidic property of the ingredient would cause you sunburns.

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