6 Little-Known Habits That Are Making You Fat


Gaining weight lately? Reasons might be many, blame it on pandemic or your lifestyle or not being able to start workout, but it’s happening. Without even knowing the ill-effects of these habits, we continue them and our weight doesn’t seem to be fixing at a particular value. Too much weight makes us look cumbersome while making us more prone to falling ill frequently. If we look into the matter seriously, weight gain is a serious issue. Henceforth, we are going to raise the curtains from 6 such ill habits which are making you gain more and more weight. If you control these habits, you can save yourself from becoming a bean bag.

Let’s know about some of such bad habits

1. Inadequate Zzz’s!
If you don’t sleep properly or don’t complete your sleeping span of 8 hours, then this habit is surely going to add extra kilos to your weight. The hormones behind this are ghrelin and leptin. The ghrelin is the go hormone. It tells you when to eat. So when you don’t get adequate sleep, the quantity of ghrelin surges. So more ghrelin, more eating and thus more weight gain.

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2. Not Working Out
If we do not indulge ourselves insufficient amount of physical workout, then our body is going to gain weight. This is the reason why all the fitness experts suggest you to exercise daily. If you don’t move your body much, you don’t burn enough calories to keep your body from gaining weight.

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3. Not Taking Enough Amount of Protein
If you don’t take sufficient amount of protein in your diet, then the chances are that you will gain weight. Include eggs and milk in your diet. Lack of protein slows down your metabolic rate which causes weight gain.

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4. Watching TV While Eating
If you have this habit of watching TV while having your meal, then quit it at once! Eating while watching TV causes overeating. And I don’t need to explain what overeating does to your body weight. Concentrate on food while you’re eating.

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5. Drinking Less Water
If you have less than 3 liters of water in a day, then your body doesn’t get rid of your body toxins properly. This slows down your body metabolic rate and causes weight gain.

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6. Skipping the Breakfast
If you’re getting late for the work or the college, then skipping the breakfast is not the solution. Skipping the breakfast is yet another reason to cause weight gain. It makes you hungrier till the time of lunch and results in overeating.

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