Common Foundation Mistakes you Must Avoid…!!


I love wearing foundation, but I was ignorant that I was committing few mistakes day by day. There are certain tips that I was taught by my friends and mother, but those ideas seem like old wives tales. I was astonished to find out there are several right ways to use this make-up wonder, wanna know what are they? Then read on to find out what all I have in my magic hat for you today!

Common Foundation Mistakes you Must Avoid…!!

Check out and avoid doing these mistakes from now on…

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  • Don’t Make use of the Powder Foundation!!

If you are among those who swear by the use of powder foundation, then I have a bad news for you. Using powder can make your skin drier and sometimes cakey too, and I am sure you would not want to look like a zombie, or do you? Liquid foundations on the other hand make your skin smooth and get absorbed easily to get you a gorgeous look 🙂

  • Where to Test the Shade?

I was taught to test the shade of the foundation on the inner side of my wrist, but later on I found that this is not an effective way to do that. Many fashion experts suggest testing underneath your eyes, around your nose and along with your jaw line to check out the real matching tone. So begin doing that now…

  • Do you Use a Primer?

Have you ever made the use of Primer unlike me? If not then please do that. Primer helps in better absorption of the same and also don’t let it disappear faster. So, next time when you have a long day night function, make use of primer and let your face glow for hours without any touch-up!

  • Brush it the Right Way…

Do you use your fingers or sponge to apply the foundavvvvtion? Stop that right away!! Instead make use of brush!! Brush helps in equal application and also does not create any mess. Besides, fingers cannot get you the same smooth look…

  • All your Face Does not Require This!!

Yes you are just wasting your money if you plaster all your face with foundation. It is needed on areas where you require touch ups, so take care!

So now you have the right information, you must make the most out of it and be a beauty queen. 🙂

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