Comparison Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk As Per Ayurveda


Milk is a complete food. It scales high in nutrition. As per Ayurveda, there are eight kinds of milk which are derived from various animal sources. However, the pride of the place has been given to Cow milk. But buffalo milk is popular too!

What should you do when you have a choice? Both the have their own positives and negatives. Let’s figure out which works better for whom and how should you make that decision. Or rather, let’s do a comparison between cow milk and buffalo milk as per Ayurveda:

The choice between buffalo milk and cow milk should be made upon digestion power, health needs, and personal needs.

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Here Are Some Major Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk According To Ayurveda

1. Fat Content

 Fat Content

The consistency of cow milk and buffalo milk differs because of the difference in their fat content. Cow milk is lighter, hence it is easier to digest. On the other hand, buffalo milk is thicker, it keeps you full for a longer time. Because of this, sometimes buffalo milk can also make your feel heavy. The fat percentage in buffalo milk is two times more compared to cow milk.

2. Protein Content

Protein Content

Buffalo milk contains a higher percentage of protein than cow milk. It is more heat resistant. The protein content in buffalo milk is 11% higher than in cow milk. This higher content of protein makes it hard for old people and infants to digest it. So, for cow should be the obvious choice.

3. Cholesterol Content

 Cholesterol Content

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Buffalo milk is significantly lower in cholesterol compared to cow milk. The cholesterol content in cow milk is three times more than cow milk. Hence buffalo milk is better for people suffering from obesity, hypertension, PCOD, kidney diseases.

4. Water Content

 Water Content

Cow milk is watery because it contains fewer solids. 90% of it is comprised of water. The high percentage of water gives cow milk a hydrating quality.

5. Clarified Butter

 Clarified Butter

The ghee or clarified butter extracted from buffalo’s milk increases, whereas the ghee from cow’s milk calms down pitta dosha and stimulates your digestion power.

6. Calcium Levels

 Calcium Levels

Sodium and potassium levels in cow’s milk are lesser, the calcium levels of buffalo milk are more. The former suits better for infants and the latter is good for people who wish stronger bone density and who wish to increase weight.

What Are Some Similarities Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk:

1. Both the act as a coolant (Veerya) and have a sweet taste (Madhura Rasa).

2. True but not popular – both these milk/s are natural aphrodisiacs. If you wish to have a thriving sex life, then you should consume a glass of milk, daily.

3. They both are high in nutrition hence they give energy and strength to the body.

Other Qualities

Sleep inducer – Buffalo milk is a sleep inducer. If you have trouble sleeping and wish to have a sound sleep, it is better to gulp down a glass of buffalo milk an hour before you hit the sheets.


Milk, no matter from cow or buffalo is loaded with goodness, but for one, it has to be free from preservatives. Be a smart buyer and always purchase milk from a reputed farm, shop, or dairy.

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