Decorate Your Feet with These 4 Stunning Mehndi Designs


Mehndi was created to amplify the beauty of a woman. Almost every woman likes to get her hands decorated with beautiful and intricate henna designs whenever she has to go to a party. Every woman secretly wishes that her mehndi design entirely different from the rest of the women. There are millions of mehndi designs you can find on the internet. But when we have to apply mehndi on our feet, there are not many designs present on the internet. So, we have compiled some best feet mehndi designs for you. You will hardly see these designs on someone else’s feet.

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1. Bridal Mehndi
When it comes to decorating the feet of a bride, the design should be utmost unique and eye-catching. People often look for the designs covering the whole feet for the bride, but such designs are hard to find on the internet. You can pick up this authentic design which will cover the entire area of your feet and will add charm to your beauty.

2. One-Sided Design
If you want to experiment with your henna design, then you can try this design for a change. This design covers only one-half of your feet. If you think that this design will look too bland for a bride, then let me tell you, this design looks very pretty when completed. Girls like such elegant henna designs on their feet.

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3. Glittery Designs
If you want your feet to look flashy, then make no mistake about this design. You can use glitter to enhance your design. There are different coloured glitters available in the market for henna designs. Just like these designs look glamorous on your hands, they will look equally pretty on your feet.

4. Round Design
If you want a design to look elegant without looking gaudy, then this design is perfect for you. This design is rather easy to be recreated. You can do it yourself without the help of an artist.

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