Define your Lips with Some Great Tips and Tricks!


Your make up remains incomplete without adding definition to your lips. Colors, lipsticks, liners, gloss give woman a dramatic appeal, making her more attractive and stunning. To make lips appear sexier and smoother, simply playing with colors won’t be sufficient. You need to breeze the flaws with the tips stated below.

Smoothening the Lip Surface!!!

Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips so that the lipstick glides over easily and gives a wonderful finishing. Exfoliation will reduce the dryness from the lips and give you a smooth texture. Use a gentle brush to exfoliate the lips and remove the flaky layers. After this when you apply lip color, definitely it is going to give you a fine finish.

Moisturize your Lips!!!

Your lips must be moisturized to prevent them from getting chapped and other forms of damage. Along with your body, lips must also be hydrated for a flawless texture. With this essential care and nurture, you will get soft and glossy lips. So drink water and maintain the richness naturally.

Sun Protection!!!

Protecting your lips from sun is equally important like your skin. In fact, you lips are more sensitive and can sustain severe damage when comes in a contact with UV rays. Make use of lip balms or lip creams which include SPF.

Along with these lips-care tips, follow the styling techniques as mentioned below-

  • Prior to application of colors, add concealer to give your lips a fantastic definition. Dab it on the edge of your lips to enhance the color for a dramatic appeal.
  • While decorating your lips, use liner in accordance to your skin tone. This will eliminate the risk of leaving dark color line when the lip color or lipstick rubs off. Don’t get confused, make a wise choice and get a long lasting liner for a quality definition.
  • For a sexy and glossy appearance, color your lips fuller. You can apply it with the brush or the tube. To get brighter and smoother form, apply lipstick from the center of the lips taking it out to the edges.
  • To prevent smudges, blot your lips with a tissue by pressing your lips down. Don’t forget to highlight your lips because it will indeed make you stunning.

These tips and tricks will emphasize your personality and bring out the best in you with sexy and polished pout.


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