Tips To Lighten a Darkened Upper Lip


Hydrated lips look plump and rosy. However, excessive use of medical conditions and cosmetics can affect the lips and make them turn dark, particularly the upper lip.

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What makes the Lips Dark?

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Hyper pigmentation


This is very common in dark lips. Hyperpigmentation of the lips is caused by physiological changes, excessive UV exposure, genodermatoses which is a genetic condition, inflammatory diseases, use of chemicals and drugs and endocrinologic disorders, benign and malignant neoplasm with abnormal mass of tissue, and other non-melanotic conditions.



It is a very common cause of an upper darkened upper lip. A study indicates that all smokers have dark lips and lip pigmentation issues.

Sun Exposure


Exposure to UV ray increases the melanin pigment in the skin which includes the lips, causing pigmentation.

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How Dark Lips are lightened:



Apply the vitamin E oil and cover it with a petroleum jelly layer to lock the moisture content. Always carry a lip balm for hydrating the lips whenever they are dried or chapped.

SPF Protection:


Use sunblock for protecting the delicate skin on lips from the exposure of UV rays and pigmentation. Use lip balms mixed with SPF for protection from the sun.

Healthy Diet


Consume fruits and green vegetables in order to keep the lips supple and hydrated.

Stay Hydrated:


Drink enough water all throughout the day in order to keep the lips smooth and hydrated

Lifestyle Changes:


Reduce the nicotine and caffeine intake. Always reduce the intake of tea and coffee and tea and stop smoking to keep the upper lip lightened.

Medical Treatments


Hydroquinone creams, topical retinoids, kojic acid, improves the lip pigmentation for lightening the upper lip of a person for obtaining the best possible results.

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