Eat Onions to Keep Yourself Safe From Summer Heat


So are you hating summers as much as I do? As the summer progresses, we start receiving hot wind blows from the Mother Nature. Even a blow dryer will lag behind the intensity of these hot summer winds. This windy menace is the major cause behind the heatstroke. As our body heats up, it loses water and salts in the form of sweats. It causes dehydration. We want you safe and sound, and so we’re offering some summer friendly to save yourself from the summer heat.

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Symptoms of heat stroke?

Certain visible symptoms are seen in our body when we are adversely affected by the summer heat. High fever, headache, dizziness, fatigue, breathing problems and body stiffness are some of the symptoms of heat stroke. If you find any of the symptoms in your body lately, make no delay in consulting your doctor for the required treatment. If you don’t want to visit your doctor, you can treat these problems at home. During such times, onion comes out to be our saviour. Come let’s know how onion saves us from the heat stroke.

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Benefits of eating onions regularly

1. Onion is easiest and the most effective way to fight the summer heat. You can use onion in your salad along with your regular meals. It is said to be the sure shot way to prevent many serious illnesses. It soothes our body while keeping the diseases at bay. Onion is blessed with cysteine which is an anti-histamine. Apart from this, it also contains allyl propyl disulphide, flavonoids, chromium, and quercetin which help build up the immunity and prevent heat stroke.

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2. Eating onion during summers can prevent the diseases caused by summer heat.

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3. Yes, you will be surprised to know that onion not only prevents the heat stroke but also keeps our skin healthy and radiant. It is also said to reduce and remove moles and skin patches. It is also used as an excellent skin tonic.

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4. Onion is also known to boost gastrointestinal health. The presence of flavonoids and quercetin makes it a phenomenal tonic for digestive health.

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5. Onion juice can be applied to sun burnt or inflamed skin. It soothes your skin and provides instant relief to sunburn.

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6. Regular consumption of onion also cuts down bad cholesterol from the body. And lower cholesterol level means healthy heart!

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7. Onion is a magical remedy to cure fever and chills. A mere piece of onion can provide you instant relief from fever. Take a small piece of onion in a piece of cloth or a hanky. Keep this hanky on your forehead for instant relief.

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8. Many people suffer from nose bleeding during peak summer days. Onion is also known for treating nose bleeding during summers.

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