Know Why Eating Soy Is Good For Your Health


Eating soy is good for your health or not, is a question over which people have debated on, since so many years. For many people it a superfood and for some, it is a hormone-disrupting poison. And to help you get a clear picture, let’s discuss its nutrition level and various health benefits.

Nutrients Present In Soybeans :

It has been found that 100 grams of whole and boiled soybeans contain high amount of copper, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin K etc. Further, it also contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, excess consumption of which can lead to inflammation and various health problems.

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So, it is suggested that you should consume soy in restricted qualntity.

However, soy has some health benefits too that most people probably don’t know.

1. Prevents Cancer

Prevents CancerImage Source: daily-sun

It contains a high amount of antioxidants that help in preventing cancer. Further, it also neutralizes the free radicals that can give rise to the cancerous cells.

2. Eating Soy Is Good For Your Health As It Helps In Boosting Digestion

Eating Soy Is Good For Your Health As It Helps In Boosting DigestionImage Source: cloudfront

As it is rich in fiber, soy also helps in maintaining proper digestion ( and ensuring proper functioning. Besides, it stimulates the contraction of the smooth muscles which push your food through the system.

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3. Helps In Weight Management

Helps In Weight ManagementImage Source: agoramedia

Soybeans are considered good for weight loss as it prevents the urge to overeat. Further, the high fibre content and sufficient amount of protein present in it also helps in weight gain. So, in both the ways soy is beneficial for you.

4. Improves Bone Health

Improves Bone HealthImage Source: tasteforlife
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The vital vitamins and minerals present in soy help in improving the bone health ( and also in boosting the healing process of your bones. At the end of it all, regular consumption of soy helps in preventing osteoporosis.

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5. Good For Your Heart

Good For Your HeartImage Source: cloudfront

Since soy is packed with unsaturated fat and contains a lower amount of cholesterol, it helps in preventing strokes and heart attack. Moreover, the fatty acids present in soy help in regulating blood pressure levels which further assist in facilitating smooth muscle functioning.

Now, you know how much soy is beneficial for your health, include it in your diet and reap its various benefits. If you’ve more information on soy benefits or its harmful effects on health, share with us.

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