Essential Hair and Skin Care Tips to Play Safe Holi!


So you are excited about Holi? Why not, the colours of festivals bring joy and happiness to our lives and so this is the time to celebrate. While you stay busy calling friends home, you also need to make sure you care for your skin and hair better so that you don’t mess up with them at the end. Those harmful colours can play havoc on your sensitive skin and hair.

Worry not and don’t let that ruin your day, follow these simple caring tips and enjoy with full spirits.

  • The very first tip includes applying sunscreen to your face at least 20 minutes before stepping out.
  • Apply copious amount of essential oils like coconut, olive and almond on your face and other body parts that will be attacked with harmful colours. Apply mainly around earlobes and nails as colours tend to settle there for too long.
  • Your hair need oiling too, so indulge in some good massage with coconut or olive oil and make your hair free from the harmful effects of colours
  • What about your lovely lips? I hope you don’t want them look chapped and multi coloured at the end! So apply a thick coat of Vaseline on them.
  • You want to look good, and you have done a facial retirement as well. But this won’t help you much girlie! If your skin is prone to allergies then you need to avoid any such facial treatment.
  • You must wear clothes with full sleeves or the ones that can cover maximum of your skin. Keep those short skirts for the right occasion!
  • Don’t sit under sun after or while playing Holi as this make the colour stubborn and harm your skin. Stay in shade!
  • Apply loads of moisturizer to your body and face once you take bath. And wash your hair at lease 2-3 times depending on the intensity of how wild you played.
  • Say tata by-by to make-up as this can cause you allergies and irritate your skin. If you must then only stick to some natural lip balm and liner only!
  • Try and play with natural or herbal colours to prevent your skin and hair from harsh chemicals.

So folks, I wish you a prosperous and healthier Holi. Enjoy your day to the most and do share your experiences. Hope this article has helped you enough.

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