Magnificent Tips to Use Mascara the Right Way!!


So what do you think, applying lipsticks only require special talent? No, every single thing in your vanity box needs specialized hands to make it work for you. Mascaras are widely used and I am sure you would love to know the right tips on how to apply it the right way, isn’t that so? Yes, why not, the beauty world keeps on discovering new things; and we have to stay updated of all the changes, right gals?

Here are the latest advancements in the world of mascara that you must consider 🙂

  • Black and Brown – Use them Combined!

This is the least known tip but the most effective one as well. Using both the colours to accentuate your lashes will make them stand out well. So coat your inner lashes with black and then the upper coat with brown. This can make your curls look longer. You can also apply it the other way around.

  • Learn How to Layer Mascara!

This is one tip that has always remained beloved of many fashion designers. If you learn the art then you can rock any party. You just need to apply two or more mascaras together and you can get your lashes lovely length and thickness. You can also use a wand to separate them well.

  • The Way you Apply it….

Yes, the way quality and colour plays an important role, the way you apply a mascara to your eyes also makes a big deal. Wiggling the brush at base and then minutely applying on the corners will make you look simply awee! Surprise your BF.

  • Powder Puff is Important!

Sometimes mascara smudges around the corners and this can make you look like a zombie and I am sure you would not love to look like that? Avoid those smears by applying powder underneath your eyes to keep the area smooth and matte.

  • Be Consistent….

The way you remain dedicated to your office assignment. Use even strokes to avoid any clumsiness. When you apply globs of mascara then it can make you look really artificial. So, go easy and use a good wand to separate your lashes. Or if you don’t have one then make use of a tissue.

So aren’t these tips simply amazing? If yes then share your comments and let me know how well you have learnt. 🙂

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