Want To Balance Your Hormones? Try These Best 5 Estrogen-Rich Foods


You all must have heard about estrogen, but do you know what role it plays in our body? Estrogen is a hormone which is responsible for ensuring the healthy reproductive systems of women. It also facilitates healthy functioning of the tissues of the uterus, pituitary glands, and breasts. Experts say that estrogen helps in the development of the sexual organs and also affects the overall metabolism of the body and bone density. It plays the important role in pregnancy since it promotes the overall development of fetus and also normal functioning of placenta.

Below-given are some of the benefits of consuming estrogen-rich foods:

  • It tones up the menopausal symptom in women who are about to reach threshold of menopause.
  • Reduces the risks of ovarian as well as breast cancer.
  • Adds glow to the skin and hair.
  • Prevents the risks of osteoporosis.
  • Prevents strokes and also improves the heart health
  • Maintains the required levels of estrogen in the body.

Age (Women)                                                            Level

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20-30                                                                 149 picograms

31-40                                                                 210 picograms

41-50                                                                 152 picograms

51-60                                                                 130 picograms

Therefore, you need to consume below 5 estrogen-rich foods to get the healthy levels of estrogen in the body.

1. Flax Seeds


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Flax seeds are one of the most effective sources of Estrogen. It ensures proper functioning of liver and also prevents dry skin. The brittle nails are a common symptom of the lack of estrogens in your body.

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2. Soy Products


Soybeans are a great source of phytoestrogens. You may consume soy milk, soy flour, soy yogurt, etc. in your daily diet to increase the healthy levels of Estrogen in your body. Also, not only the phytoestrogen, this is also very rich in proteins. This is low in calories and also doesn’t have any cholesterol. This prevents the breast cancer

3. Walnuts


Include a handful of the walnuts to your daily diet. These supplement your diet with much-needed nutrients.

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4. Dairy Products


People who are aiming to lose some weight should try consuming dairy products as the arch enemies. However one glass of milk in a day isn’t as bad as we think. Also, milk is very rich in the phytoestrogen. So, to ensure that you have the healthy reproductive system, always drink one glass of milk daily.

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5. Chickpeas and Sesame Seeds


Who does not like Chhole Bhature? Here we are talking about healthier version of the chickpeas. You could eat boiled chickpeas with some lemon juice and salt to begin your day. Around 100gm of chickpeas has 993 micrograms of the estrogen. Also, sesame oil is very rich in estrogen.

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