Everyone Can Be Blessed With A Baby With IVF Now!


Pressurising the newly married couple for an offspring is something which starts from the day one of the marriage. They are not wrong on their part because everyone wants to extend his family. Children fill the house with immense happiness and hope for a better future. But as we always say, god is the controller of our lives. Even a wind can’t blow without his command. Bearing a child is a blessing and everyone being blessed with this privilege, this is not necessary. You will be surprised to learn that 15% of the married couple find difficulties in bearing a child. Feeling bothered by this is something which is inevitable. If you’re feeling troubled by conception issues, then we are going to throw some light on the IVF technique (In Vitro Fertilization). This technique is being said to be the boon for the couples who are not able to conceive.

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The surprising fact is that around 1.9 crore couples were not able to conceive but with the help of IVF, they were blessed with an offspring of their own. 2.5 Crore of couples has been benefitted with this mind-blowing technique. This makes it clear that there is no harm in going for this technique. This technique involves fertilizing the ovum with the help of the collected sperm in the lab. The fertilized egg is then transferred to the woman’s womb, which is then carried out like a normal pregnancy. The only difference between the natural conception process and IVF is that the fertilization in IVF is carried out outside the body. But there are many things which have to be kept in mind during the gestation period. We are going to tell you such important things which can affect your pregnancy.

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Who Has The Problem of Infertility?
No single person, whether a man or a woman can be held responsible for infertility. The sources reveal that men are responsible for the 50% of infertility issue while the same number of women can be affected as well. 10% of cases have both men and women suffering from infertility. Surprisingly, no specific causative factor was found in 10% of such cases. We all know that every couple has its own features and properties, based on which this reproduction process is based. Men suffer from infertility mainly due to endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and low sperm production in the testes. Hence, the IVF technique is brought to rescue!

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How to Treat Infertility?
There is nothing in the world which can’t be treated, except for the HIV AIDS, of course! You don’t need to worry about infertility anymore. This problem can be dealt with many ways. You can either wait for it to get healed naturally or you can go for the modern techniques for the treatment. You have to go through many phases in this technique before conceiving a baby, namely hormonal assays, endoscopy, follicular monitoring, ovarian stimulation and IUI, etc.

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The surprising fact is, that every 5th person suffering from the problem of infertility have to take the support of IVF for its cure. While the rest of the people can be dealt by basic methods. Different methods of IVF are used on couples depending upon the complexity of the issue.

What is IVF?
Let us introduce you to this revolutionary technique which has blessed many childless couples with the gift of offspring. During the initial phase of the process, the woman is injected with gonadotrophin (fertility hormone) every two weeks for ovarian stimulation. Then with the help of general anaesthesia, a procedure called oocyte pickup is carried out, which involves ultrasound for retrieving ovum again. The ovum is kept safely in an incubator and a suitable technique for fertilization is devised. Either millions of sperms are kept for a single ova or the single sperm is injected with the help of an intracytoplasmic injection. After completion of this method, the fertilized egg is kept in the incubator for forming an embryo. Then the best embryo formed is chosen and implanted in the uterus. This process is called embryo transfer.

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Success Rate
The success rate of the implanted embryo is determined by the inner lining of the uterus and foetus itself. If both coordinate successful within the uterus, then the process is considered to be successful. If the coordination is lacking, then the uterine lining sheds itself and the pregnancy is said to be terminated.

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You must be knowing very well about the surrogacy, which includes another woman’s uterus is used to bring the baby in the world. This technique is kept as a last resort for the method of IVF. This process is usually carried out in the case of women being infertile. Women who don’t have a uterus can use this method to rejoice the chance of being a mother.

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