The Ultimate Make-up & Hairstyles Guide According to Face Shape


Do you know one of the greatest mysteries of life? Figuring out your face shape… and believe us it is very easy. Let us make your aware of what are the different categories in face shapes and how you can know what your face shape is and why knowing it is very important.

• What are the different face shapes?
• Why Knowing Your Face Shape is Important?
• Which Face Shapes Are Considered More Attractive?
• How to Determine the Face Shape?
• Face Shape and your personality traits?
• Make-up Tips and Hairstyles for Various Face Shapes

What are the different face shapes?

What are the different face shapes

Different face shapes are:

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Why Knowing Your Face Shape is Important?

Before you choose a hairstyle or a pair of glasses, you need to know what is your face shape. This is because a style that looks great on someone with oblong face won’t go well on someone with a square face. So, knowing your face shape is important.

Which Face Shapes Are Considered More Attractive?

Which Face Shapes Are Considered More Attractive?

From beauty perspective, OVAL SHAPED FACE is considered more APPEALING. While the DIAMOND SHAPED FACE is a rage in modelling circles.

How to Determine the Face Shape?

How to Determine the Face Shape

For determining face shape, you have to measure the following areas of your face to reach a conclusion.

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Forehead: Measure from peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the other eyebrow arch. Record this figure.

Cheekbones: Measure across the upper cheeks, starting at the bump below the corner of each eye

Jawline: Measure the jaw across the face at its widest point; an inch down from the ears.

Face length: Measure from the hairline centre to the chin.

Now that you have recorded the above information, use it to determine the shape of your face.



◦ Cheekbones and face length are equal.
◦ They are larger than forehead and jawline
◦ The angle of the jaw is soft



◦ All measurements are nearly equal
◦ The angle of the jaw is sharp

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◦ The largest measurement is face length
◦ Foreheads, jawline and cheekbones are equal



◦ Face length>Cheekbones>Forehead>Jawline
◦ Chin is pointed



◦ Jawline>Cheekbones> Forehead
◦ Face can be of any length



◦ Face length>Width of the cheekbones
◦ Forehead>Jawline
◦ Angle of jaw is rounded

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◦ Forehead is the widest portion
◦ Chin is angled
◦ Jaws meet at a distinctive point

What Your Face Shape Says About You?

What Your Face Shape Says About You

Your face reveals some attributes of your personality and how you approach life. Here you go!

1. Rectangular face: Logical and Good thinkers. These people do not talk about their feelings.

2. Round face: Kind and giving. These people tend to over give and hence attract narcissist in their lives.

3. Diamond face: Dominant and detail oriented. They communicate well, want to take control and like things their way.

4. Oval face: Welcoming and can make others comfortable. They know the rights things and when to say them.

5. Square face: Work on big things. They undertake huge projects since they have so much of stamina.

6. Heart face: Strong minded with incredible inner strength. These people have strong intuition, are very creative and keep chasing their goals till they achieve them.

7. Triangular face: These people want to be in charge and control of things. Since they so driven, they are often successful.

Make-up Tips and Hairstyles for Various Face Shapes

Make-up Tips and Hairstyles for Various Face Shapes

Now that you know what your face shape is, you can easily master the makeup skills. Here you go.

1. Makeup and hairstyles for Oval Shaped Face:

Make-up Tips

• A lot of women with oval face have blunt nose. Apply foundation on face and then bronzer on the sides of the nose. • Apply from top to bottom for a well-defined look.
• Avoid arched eyebrows. Keep the natural shape of your eyebrows.
• When you are doing your eyes heavily, go light on the lips and vice versa. Don’t do heavy makeup on both eyes and lips
• Don’t apply blush on apple of the cheeks. Focus on the sides of the cheeks. This will give an elongated look.


◦ Tousled Bob
◦ Side Swept Pixie
Celebrities with oval face

• Julianne Moore
• Blake Lively
• Selma Hayek

2. Makeup and hairstyles for Round Face:

Make-up Tips

Well Defined Brows: Don’t keep your eyebrows rounded as it will give a longish look to your face. Make an angled arch while filing and shaping the brows. With a round face, add definition and lines to your makeup look.
Contour: Contour the cheeks. In a round face, cheeks are the widest part and if you want to give some depth to your face, you should go for contouring
Blush: A shimmery blush can enhance the cheeks and give it a glow.

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Hairstyles for Round Face

• Asymmetrical Lob
• Tousled Pixie

Celebrities with Round Face

• Emma Stone
• Ginnifer Goodwin
• Mila Kunis

3. Makeup and haircut for Square Face

Make-up Tips

• Contouring helps to soften the sharp angles in a square shaped face.
• With square shape, use a concealer that is a shade lighter than the forehead under the cheeks’ hollow. Contour the jawline to create balance.
• Go bold on the lips to drive attention away from the jaws and draw it to the lips. Go for red, purple, coral.

Hairstyles for Square Shaped Face

• Angled Bob
• Side Swept Bangs

Celebrities with square shape

• Rihanna
• Cameron Diaz
• Lucy Liu

4. Makeup and hairstyles for Rectangle (Or oblong) Face Shape

Makeup Tips

• Soften the jaw and temples by applying some bronzer and doing contouring.
• In case of a long face, wing out the eyeliner as it helps the eyes appear bigger and wider and attention can be drawn to this area.
• When you apply blush, do it on the top of the cheeks instead of in the centre.

Hairstyles for Square Shaped Face

• Shoulder length hair with bangs
• Long Pixie

Celebrities with Rectangle Face

• Liv Tyler
• Alexa Chung
• Meryl Streep

5. Makeup and hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Face

Make Up Tips

• Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors on the lips !
• Contour the area at the sides near the cheeks for dimension
• Highlight the forehead, cupids bow, chin and along the nose.

Hair Styles

• Chin Length Bob
• Long Layered Waves

Celebrities with Diamond Shape Face

• Scarlet Johannsson
• Ashley Greene
• Jennifer Love Hewett

6. Makeup and hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face

Makeup Tips

• A soft Smokey eye is a perfect look for heart shaped faces
• Do contouring with a bronzer to add definition to the face.
• Add intensity to the eyelashes with voluminous mascara.


• Long Way Layers
• Lob with Bangs

Celebrities with Heart Shaped Face

• Halle Berry
• Reese Witherspoon
• Ashley Olsen

We hope by reading the article you know the shape of your face. All face types are equally amazing and there’s nothing that one face has and other does not have. We all have unique features. It is only the frame that is different and once you know what your face type is, you can use the tricks to your advantage. So now if you have to make decisions with respect to your face type, you’ll be prepared!

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