Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women With Oval Faces


People with oval faces have face shape like an egg which is very symmetric and pleasing to the eye. If your forehead is just a tiny bit wider than your curved chin then you surely are blessed, because you have an oval-shaped face.

Blessed because the oval face shape means no restrictions in hairstyles. You can have Short, medium or long, straight, wavy, or curly anything in the world you want to do. There is no restriction when it comes to hairstyles. Choose whatever feels right. Here in this article, we will give a number of hairstyles which will definitely make you look outstanding.

Deep Side Part


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Whether you have long, medium or short hair, a deep side part gives your face an extra zing. Without doing anything drastic this style will definitely make you look hot.



If your face is oval, the extra volume all around your face provided by curls works wonders.

Face-Framing Layers


Face framing layers just like Jennifer’s Aniston’s are regarded as being one of the best haircuts for an oval face. The long layers fall perfectly at the cheekbones and long hair in the back adds that oomph.

Bold Straight Layers


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Bold straight layers like long bangs work great an oval face. These can be worn in many different ways depending upon your mood.

Layered Short Cut


Medium and short haircuts also look amazing and are easy to manage. The layered bob gives you a chic look. You can style this look in sleek straight fashion or as loose waves. Both the looks rock.

Modern Pageboy


The modern take on the pageboy haircut frames the oval face beautifully. It is a great way to tame thick hair and wear a chic cut that doesn’t work as good with any other face shape as it does with the oval.

Shoulder Length Loose Waves


Just like other haircuts, long hair looks great on most oval face shapes. Depending on how oval your face shape is, you should trim your hair regularly. A shoulder-length cut that falls gently on and around the shoulders looks great on oval faces.

Long Waves


If you have wavy hair and an oval face, a style with long, soft waves is a perfect option for you.

Bombshell Curls


Want to wear your gorgeous thick hair long then go in for voluminous bombshell hair curls. These make you look hot instantly.

Long Wispy Bangs


Long Wispy cute bangs draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, and they are great for thin hair and these go well with short, long and medium haircuts.

Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are bangs that have shorter pieces above the eyes with gradual longer lengths sweeping away toward the outer eyebrows. These look great on oval faces. Basically, oval face shapes can go with any bang style

Polished Pixie


If you have an oval face, you can look great in short or even super short haircuts like the Pixie cut. A pixie accentuates the natural beauty of an oval face.

One-Length Bob


A bob is a fantastic haircut for an oval-shaped face because it accentuates the reveals the jawline and chin which is the best part of an oval face. One length sleek bob makes you look super chic.

Classic Bob


A classic bob is a safe choice and can be worn straight and sleek or paired with blunt bangs.

Asymmetrical Bob


An asymmetrical bob—where one side is longer than the other looks chic and stylish. Pairing it with a deep side part takes it to the next level.

Layered Bob


If your hair is thin and you want to go for a bob then the best option for you will be a layered bob. The layering adds a lot of volume and will make you look great.

Angled Lob


Angled bob looks great as it eliminates boxiness in the back and slims out any weight toward the front. This cut can be best worn with one side tucked behind the ear to accentuate your cheekbones.

Choppy Long Bob


If you prefer to wear medium length hair, we guess the lob is a great choice. This mid-length cut is good for thin hair because the choppy layers give your strands some much needed extra body.

Shoulder-Length Soft Curls


A shoulder-length style looks great on oval faces. You can style long hair in many ways. You may do the center parting and flat iron your hair. Or you can do side part if you want to add volume on top. You can also curl your hair for that carefree look.

Long and Sleek


While blunt bangs work with shorter cuts, they can also do wonders on a longer mane. Go for bangs that are left longer on the sides, as they add flattering framing to the face and the eyes.

Sleek Ponytail


A pulled-back, mile-high ponytail accentuates the jawline and adds lift to the cheekbones. Wrap a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail for an instantly sleek look. This look is super easy, low maintenance and looks great.

Whatever your mood or style people with an oval face can choose almost any hairstyle and they will look great in it.

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