Fitness Queen, Shilpa Shetty’s Must Watch Video


Shilpa Shetty Kundra is famous for her fitness and dancing skills, especially her “Thumka”. But, do you know she manages to look and stay so young even after all these years of acting, then marriage and now motherhood? Well, there’s just one simple answer to it- A well maintained fitness routine! Workout, vigorous diet and a healthy lifestyle is the secret to such a fit personality.

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This 41-year-old Bollywood beauty is now an ideal to millions of young and old age people, who love to follow her fitness routine and her amazing fitness recipes that are available all over the internet.

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The yoga expert frequently shares workout training videos and easy ways to perform those exercises at home. In the following video, Shilpa has shared a few secrets, focusing on strengthening exercises from her amazing fitness regime.


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In the link above, Shilpa is demonstrating us on how to workout without using any equipment. Basic exercises such as ‘Squat to Chair’ and ‘Hip Raise’ are demonstrated in the video.

Why don’t you also go ahead and try for some fitness regime to follow after this pretty fitness enthusiast?