Food Items To Avoid If You Have Acne


There is no particular age for getting acne. Though acne mostly shows up in your teenage but there are potential chances of getting adult acne, hormonal acne or food induced acne. Food-induced acne is the one in which one or more food items lead to the eruption of acne or pimples. When your body is incompatible with a certain food item, such problems may occur.

But this type of acne can be controlled by keeping a check on the food items which you think are making you prone to this outbreak and you should avoid them as much as possible.

Below we have mentioned 8 such food items which work as common triggers of acne in a lot of people.

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Food items which may lead to acne

Sometimes the thing which is actually leading to acne is certain food items that you are consuming in your daily life.

1. Chocolates- Chocolate acts as a very common trigger of acne in a lot of people. And we are talking about the chocolate candies which are available in the market. This is because these have a high amount of sugar, additives, milk content and preservatives in them. Dark chocolate will never break you out, in fact, it is loaded with antioxidants, which help in maintaining a healthy skin. So if you love eating chocolates then dark ones are the best to consume and when eating chocolate candies just stick to a very limited quantity.

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2. Spicy food- Red chilies and chili powder in general act as the main trigger of acne in some people. In fact, it is not the spicy food which really triggers the acne it is the side effects which are responsible for the same. When you eat a lot of spicy food your body tends to sweat a lot. It is the sweat which increases the likelihood of getting breakouts. The less used to you are with eating spicy food the more sweat will get released which will eventually lead to breakouts.

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3. Cheese- Dairy is one of the major triggers of acne in a lot of people, cheese being one of it. There has been research to prove that dairy cheese can trigger acne. In 2007, American researchers did a study on 43 young men (teenagers included) in which their diet was kept under surveillance. The researchers observed that the men who included in cheese in their diet had more troubles with acne as they would experience more breakouts as compared to those men who did not have cheese.

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4. Nuts- Nuts are considered as the best snack as these are loaded with healthy fats and protein plus they taste so good. But eating too much of these may lead to breakouts. The reason behind it is that our body depends on a healthy ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Usually, the nuts are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, but generally fall short of omega-3 fatty acids so when you eat a lot of nuts this ratio get altered leading to acne. We are not asking you to give up on nuts, but the key is to maintain a balance. You can also include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet to balance out the irregularity.

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5. Peanut butter- Peanut butter as the name suggests, is made of peanuts which is a nut. We just mentioned in the fourth point that how nuts can act as an active trigger of acne and peanut butter is no exception. There is a cult following of this nutty product all around the world and people use it as an alternative or accompaniment to butter and jam. It is also used in a lot of desserts and sweets along with cookies and the list is endless. But in some people, it can work as a potential acne trigger. This depends a lot on your body too, and the way in which it reacts to certain food items.

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6. Coffee- Coffee acts as an alarm clock for a majority of people across the globe. But it is one of the culprits which may trigger acne. The reason behind it is that coffee contains an organic acid, which increases the level of cortisol in our body which is a stress hormone. And as we know that stress is also one of the reasons which may lead to acne the reason being the same. A better option is to switch to tea or green tea as your wake up call.

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7. Bread- Again, it is something that a lot of people rely on for their food, especially breakfast. The bread usually contains gluten, dairy and sugar all of which can aggravate the acne. Bread is one food item that has it all in it. If you are allergic to cereal or gluten in general, then bread can trigger the acne or aggravate the situation. In this situation, you will have to give up on bread.

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8. Fried food- Fried food is anyways bad for our health in general and is also one of the potential triggers of acne. Fast foods and fried food, in general, may cause breakouts. Oily food items have an adverse effect on our gut and as you know very well that what you eat shows up on your skin as well. So if you want your skin to be clear and free of acne then make sure to avoid fried food as much as possible.

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