Should Your Shampoo And Conditioner Be Of The Same Brand?


We believe that shopping for a shampoo and a conditioner is easy. Isn’t so? You just look for the labels and pick up the one which is best suited for your hair. And you end up matching your shampoo and conditioner. Brands have eased out our lives to a great deal. Or that’s what we believe, we can say. We use the same shampoo as our conditioner. We barely even spare a thought on that subject. But what if using the same shampoo and conditioner is actually damaging for our hair. Read on to know that this bad habit of yours is stopping you from getting the perfect mane you desired.

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You shouldn’t match your Shampoo and Conditioner! Shocked?
It’s not necessary that your scalp issues and your hair problems are same. You can have oily scalp while having frizzy and untamed ends. The context of saying this is that you should invest in a shampoo which addresses the concerns of your scalp while bagging the conditioner which is suitable for your strands. Your shampoo focusses more on your scalp while the conditioner works for your strands. It’s obvious that using the same shampoo and conditioner isn’t helping your mane much and is absurdly pointless. This concept is so simple but this doesn’t seem to have hit our mind before. Now mind blown?

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How should you be choosing your products?

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Shampoo and conditioner are available in so many types- volumizing, moisturizing, revitalizing, etc. So it seems to be pretty obvious that getting the shampoo and conditioner of the same type isn’t going to solve your problem. If you have a dry scalp, then you must choose a moisturizing shampoo, but if you chose moisturizing shampoo as well as a moisturizing conditioner, it might weigh down your scalp and make your hair look lifeless. Hence making a cocktail of your shampoo and conditioner is an amazing idea.

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Your shampoo should be picked according to your scalp issue and the conditioner should be chosen according to how you want to style your mane. So if you want to blow dry your hair and wear a sleek and straight hairstyle, then a smoothening conditioner will do the trick. But if you want to rock the messy look, then look for the volumizing conditioner. So the key point is to pick the conditioner according to the hairstyle you want to wear.

When Should You Actually Match Your Shampoo and Conditioner?
If you’re suffering from a particular hair condition, like itchy scalp or dandruff then you can try matching your shampoo and conditioner type. It is because the cosmetic conditioner you’ll otherwise use will bring down the effects of you anti-dandruff or anti-microbial shampoo. The active ingredients in such targeted shampoo work well when the similar type of conditioner is used on the hair.

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In the otherwise cases, you should spare a little more thoughts about your shampoo and conditioner brand and type. A good concoction of shampoo and conditioner can bless you with the hair you want. Good luck and have a happy mane!

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