5 Brilliant Foods You Should Consume For Whiter Brighter Teeth


There are several teeth whitening products available in the market, but these often do not provide the desired results. Even when we get results, what bothers us is the cost of these products as well damage they cause to enamel. So, instead of opting for those marketed products it’s best to try some natural products. Below are given 5 such amazing food items that may help you get whiter teeth without causing any harm to them.

1. Strawberries


Most people might think that this fruit would stain their teeth but the truth is that it can help you in making the teeth whiter. Consuming strawberries regularly would provide you malic acid, an enzyme that increases the production of saliva and also helps in eliminating the accumulated bacteria as well as plaque. Another important enzyme is ellagitannins, a polyphenol, helps in reducing stain attracting many bacteria from affecting your mouth. Therefore, make sure to include some strawberries in your diet if you wish to maintain the pearly whites.

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2. Pineapple


This fruit tastes amazing and also has excellent teeth whitening features; therefore this fruit is considered to have an enzyme known as bromelain which works like a natural stain remover. The bromelain has the ability to degrade all harmful bacteria present in the teeth. These bacteria are responsible for forming plaque, so preventing the teeth erosion. Pineapple contains anti-inflammatory properties that work in preventing as well as reducing the onset of the gum inflammation. Now you are aware of many oral benefits of this fruit, you have enough reason to start consuming it.

3. Mushrooms


Vitamin D is important for the body as it helps in the absorption of calcium in the body, improves your immune system and prevents the bone deterioration. Also, vitamin D is important to maintain overall health of the teeth. If researches have to be believed, one of the primary reasons of your tooth loss is bone deterioration. But fortunately, we have mushroom that is an excellent source of the vitamin D.

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4. Cheese


When compared to other bone bodies, the jawbones lose mass at a faster rate. The jawbones lose mass at a faster than any other parts of your body, so it’s very important to increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D. It will definitely ensure much stronger bones, teeth as well as joints

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5. Apples


Apples are crispy to bite and so they could help in cleaning tour teeth enamel very well when you are consuming it. The amazing taste of apples increases saliva production in the mouth. The increased quantity of saliva would help get rid of harmful bacteria deposited on the teeth and reduce the plaque as well as bad breath. Like strawberries, apples contain malic acid that works like the natural stain remover and also get rid of discoloration.

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