7 Best Foods You Should Eat for Healthy Teeth


Undoubtedly teeth play a very special role in our food digestion. This is why maintaining optimum oral health is good. It is considered that consuming nutritionally-rich foods could help to strengthen them and possibly one of the best ways to feel healthy.

Here are the lists of top 7 foods that can help long lasting teeth for a lifetime.

1. Use of protein rich foods


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The body needs proteins to build and repair the tissues. Proteins are enriched with high levels of phosphorous and it is considered that it is a vital component in providing the strength of teeth. Furthermore, it helps in balancing the pH of mouth. Some common examples of protein rich sources are meat, eggs, beans, tofu, nuts, and leafy vegetables are good sources of protein.

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2. Consume calcium-rich foods


One of the most vital components of teeth and bone is Calcium. It provides the strength of bones and teeth. Some commonly used household items that are rich source of calcium and i.e. Milk, cheese and dairy products. Sesame seeds are also enriched with calcium.

3. Try vitamin C-rich foods


Vitamin C supports to kill the acid-creating bacteria that presents on the surface of your teeth. It also promotes the cells that help in formation of teeth. Vitamin C also possesses antioxidant properties and helps to remove toxins from the body. Some vitamin C rich sources are strawberries, grapefruit, apples, oranges, cranberries, kiwis, and limes containing high amounts of vitamin C.

4. Use vitamin D-rich foods

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Vitamin D promotes the body to utilize calcium and support in enamel development. In case your body is unable to absorb enough calcium, causes bones and teeth brittle in nature. Vitamin D not only helping in absorption of calcium but vitamin D also helps your enamel from wearing away. Fish is considered as one of the foods which contain vitamin D.

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5. Consume Magnesium-rich foods


Magnesium has the property to provide strength to the tooth and the jaw. Some magnesium rich foods which are common rice, corn, barley, wheat and oats all contain high amounts of magnesium.

6. Try fluoride-rich foods


Fluoride is a supplement that supports making your teeth healthier. It also prevents tooth decay. While your toothpaste may provide enough, teas provide extra help as they naturally contain fluoride. The coffee has the ability that can stain your teeth. In addition to this, green tea contains polyphenol which protects the teeth by preventing plaque from adhering to its tooth surface.

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7. Drink Water


One of the simplest ways to improve your teeth health is drink plenty of water. Drinking water is well effective as mouthwash and also removes bacteria from your mouth. Drinking water 3 to 4 liter daily is well recommended by health practitioners.

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