Are You Getting Old?- The Signs & the Remedies


Aging is a matter of great concern in human beings. Aging is prime and preeminent in everybody. It is the way how you look after yourself. It is difficult for people to maintain themselves in this genre as the lifestyle we lead is too hectic and we do not have time to look after ourselves.

There are various signs that can be taken into consideration. Some of the signs are as follows:

Fine Lines or Wrinkles

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wrinkles and fine lines


Fine lines are something that should not be ignored. It is the first indication that predicts aging. The lines gradually becomes wrinkles in no time. One should use best home remedies or visit a dermatologist immediately.

Spotted Hands

spotted hands


Spotted or flaky hands are also signs of aging. We basically see these spots in older people. Spotted hands are very easily noticed so it would be better to be careful before hand.

Turkey Neck-

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It is caused due to loose skin. The sag under your chin starts to show the aging sign quiet early. Its a bad sign though. The skin looks very shabby and excessive fat and flaccid muscle makes it look even worse.


Less Perky Breast-

Less Perky Breast


Women face this problem a lot as the breast looses its strand. The more the skin start losing its firmness the more breast starts becoming perky. These signs tell you to start immediate attention towards your aging factor.


Wimp Brows-

wimpy brows

Like fine lines, wimp brows also show signs of ageing. These lines formed particularly on face become more problematic for conscious people.


Thinning Hair-

thinning hair

Thinning hair is a matter of concern as it depicts ageing. Hair loss should anyways not be neglected. Thinning and greying of hair are signals that make you realize to be extra careful towards your skin.


8 Magical Home Remedies For Treating Wrinkles Using The Coconut Oil

Sore Feet-

sore feat

People think only cold weather can leave your foot sore but its other way round too. Sore foot are signs that you are  ageing. Swelling also are signs of ageing to be looked after.


Line bags-

under eye bags


The bags under your eyes especially when you wake up in the morning is a sign telling you loud that you are ageing.

 Proven Home Remedies for Aging skin:

To be conscious about how you look is good. Ageing can be frightening for many people but these remedies can make you take a seat back and relax. Home made remedies are always better as it contains the naturality of everything. Though dermatologist can be trusted too. Here are some easy remedies that can be relied on:

Papaya mask-



Papaya is the most important fruit that is used almost in all the health home remedies. It reduces signs of aging on face. Not only aging, it is also helpful for other beauty benefits. It keeps the skin hydrated. Its is also a healer to sore or cracked heels.

Coconut Milk-

coconut milk


Coconut milk is a great anti-oxidant. It prevent skin from aging due to presence of vitamin C and copper. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from balding. It prevents wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

Rose Water-

rose water


Rose water is revitalizer for aging skin as it keeps fine lines and wrinkle at bay.




Avocados  contain specific amino acids and carotenoid anti-oxidants that reduces age spots. It helps tighten the skin and prevents wrinkles.




Honey is great for skin as it nourishes skin. It acts as cleanser, cream, shampoo all in on as it is very gentle and is very effective. It helps to prevent skin from aging.


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