4 Little-Known Benefits of Giloy Juice for Weight Loss


Are you trying to lose some extra weight? Giloy juice is very effective in enhancing the weight loss goal. The amazing herb is loaded with many other health benefits too. Read this article to know how this herb helps in weight loss and boosts health.

Weight loss is one of the most frequently searched topics. All people are looking for the right process to lose weight in a better way. To lose bodyweight you need to burn extra calories than you are having. Weight loss requires a restricted diet and a proper exercise routine. There are certain foods that can support the loss process. These wonderful foods have some properties that can promote the weight loss process. The juices for weight loss are very popular; similarly, the juice which is often used as an ayurvedic tonic could help in weight loss.

Giloy is a herb that is packed with many medicinal properties. From roots to leaves this herb is loaded with various medicinal properties. Giloy juice has the factors which are needed for weight loss.

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Consumption of giloy juice enhances immunity and metabolism that help in weight loss. It also improves the digestion process. These factors contribute to weight loss. The herb is known for its immunity-boosting properties. It also helps in protecting from various diseases. This can also promote gut health. Better metabolism is also other factor that can mainly contribute to weight loss.

Giloy is used in Ayurvedic medicine since the ancient times to treat several ailments. Also, a study on health benefits of giloy showed that the juice extracts from the stem of giloy could help treat gout by neutralizing the increased the levels of uric acid in body. Previous study on rodents has revealed that the herb possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, showing that giloy might help manage inflammation. It can be noted that chronic inflammation might cause weight increase and disease. However, further studies are needed to find out about the safety and efficacy of this herb for use in humans.

How to use giloy juice for weight loss


To promote weight loss you need to consume small amount of giloy juice on empty stomach. Consume less than half-liter of giloy juice and then mix it with freshwater and aloe vera juice. Also, drink the juice early morning on empty stomach. However, avoid overconsuming this juice.

It is essential to understand that giloy works effectively in combination with other plants such as shilajit or aloe vera to help in digestion and aid in losing weight. If you wish to use giloy herb to achieve weight loss, you could take half a gram of the giloy juice and then mix a dollop of honey in the mixture. You need to have this drink on empty stomach in the morning.

Depending on the taste, you could also consume it along with buttermilk.

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Other health benefits of giloy juice

1. Treats fever


Giloy juice is a very old home remedy used for curing fever. This could also cure chronic fever. The giloy juice is also suggested in dengue fever since it increases the count of platelets. Not only dengue this may also help in treating malaria. Boil some giloy stem in water and then drink it to treat fever.

2. Helps in digestion


Drinking of giloy juice could help you improve your gut health. It is an effective home remedy that can be used to improve digestion. You need to mix the giloy juice with the alma juice to enhance the power of this powerful remedy.

3. Helps in diabetes management


Giloy may be used as a home remedy to control blood sugar level. If a person is a diabetic they can use a few drops giloy juice to treat diabetes. But you must consult the doctor first before combining it to your diet.

4. Reduces stress


This wonderful juice can be consumed to improve the mental health as well. This could also be added with other important herbs to boost mental health, concentration power, and memory.


If you wish to try giloy juice to achieve the weight loss you should not add it to the diet suddenly in large quantity. You should also consult your doctor about the right amount of juice you should be consuming. If you face any issues after drinking the giloy juice then you need to stop its use and immediately ask your doctor.

This article provides only general information. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical advice. Always you need to consult your own doctor to get more information.

Giloy is beneficial for many bowel-related issues. Indigestion, piles, and constipation, giloy is well-known to cure it. A powerhouse of antioxidants, this herb also helps in eliminating the free radicals to keep the cells healthy. It is safe for children age five years and above. But, it should not be given for more than 1-2 weeks.

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