Greys To Grace: Premature Grey Hair Remedy!


Here we’re, as promised with more aid to help you fight your greys. In our series ‘Greys to Grace!’ – Our initiative to combat the rampant problem of premature hair greying – we’ve decided to knock the door of one and only beauty legend, Shahnaz Husain, to help our devoted readers battle it out, the best way. Of course, we decided to meet her for our thousands of dedicated readers who requested us to help them treat the problem of premature greying. And as Shahnaz Husain puts it, “Getting equipped with the right knowledge has always been and surely goes a long way in fighting greys with grace.”

We have already discussed in our previous article (please read, if you haven’t) about the wide ranges of causes like stress, pollution, poor care etc. that leads to premature hair greying. Now, we are trying to understand it more from one of the original beauty legends and the treatments that she believed has worked wonders over the ages.




“What wrinkling is to skin, greying is to hair,” begins the beauty expert, who feels, no matter what we think, greying do causes despair and anxiety. “Basically, it’s because the exact causes of hair greying are not yet known. Some doctors say that the cause is genetic, while others say that the immune system is responsible. Then, there are those who say that stress or nutritional deficiencies may be the reasons,” she clarifies.

Premature Greying Varies From Gender To Gender?



Without a doubt, there are many doctors and researchers who feel that premature greying of hair is more common nowadays than ever before. Are there any studies that show that premature greying process varies from gender to gender? “Studies have been carried out on the incidence of greying prematurely. The results showed that the greying process was more or less similar for men and women. However, the studies showed that some clinical features were different in men and women, as well as between early onset of greying and the greying associated with age. It was found that greying usually started in the temporal (just behind the temples) and occipital (back of the head) areas for men, while for women it was usually in the frontal area,” enlightens Shahnaz.


Hairdresser coloring hair roots


Herbal Hair Mascaras – THE VEG WAY OUT!



Since use of chemicals is another significant reason that aggravates greying, it’s better to avoid such products. These days, there are modern colourants made from vegetable dyes, in the form of Hair Mascaras, which are available in the market. “These are somewhat like crayons, which are used to colour strands of the hair. They can disguise strands of grey hair quite effectively. They also help to add glamour to the hair, by coloring strands a different colour from the normal hair colour,” explains Shahnaz Husain.
Since hair mascaras are temporary methods of coloring the hair, they are much easier to use and remove and the effect also lasts till the next shampoo. “The main advantage is that they assure safety from damage to hair structure and texture. In fact, we have introduced products like ‘Hair Touch Up’ and ‘Herbal Hair Mascaras’ to camouflage white hair, or to add glamour by streaking the hair. Available in many shades, like black, brown, copper, bronze, gold and starlight blue, these hair mascaras are one of the best non-chemical ways, without further weakening the hairs, to turn greys into any of your favorite shades,” shares Shahnaz.




Coming from one of the beauty legends, the age-old usage of henna is considered quite safe. “Henna is a natural hair colourant that has been widely used since ages. In the ancient days, walnuts and indigo were also used along with henna to colour the hair. Henna colors, white hair reddish brown, but does not colour dark hair. And to bring the black effect back, we have introduced Colourveda Natural Hair Colour, which is 100% natural,” Shahnaz informs.

WHAT IS ‘Colourveda Natural Hair Colour’?

The natural hair colourants in Colourveda are henna, indigo and catechu. They impart a blacking brown colour. It also contains many herbs like amla, bhringaraj, brahmi etc, which help to protect the hair and also restore health to the hair.




“Many of our hair care products like Shatone herbal hair tonic and Shalocks hair oil, as well as hair pack powders like Shacare and Californian Poppy contain natural plant extracts that help to control hair greying, like amla, bhringaraj, brahmi, reetha, shikakai, henna and so on.”




Amla is one of the oldest ways to keep hair healthy that helps control greying. And this still is one of the safest ways to benefit your hair. Amla juices and amla based tonics are widely and easily available with chemists these days. “But one must consult an Ayurvedic physician before starting it. The juice of one raw amla can be taken in a glass of water daily. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex,” says Shahnaz, while giving another healthy tip of adding amla to your henna powder, to make the treatment more effective and powerful.
So friends, what it all boils down to, that it’s not difficult to fight greying the natural way, but we must be well informed and should have unflinching faith in our natural ingredients like henna and amla to wipe out the problem of premature hair greying. It’s extremely important to understand and aware of the damage caused by chemical ingredients. “Avoid treatments that mar the natural beauty of the skin and hair,” sums up Padam Shree awardee Shahnaz Husain.
So, say no to ‘tress of stress’ folks, as we are and will stay with you to help you fight your greys.

(This article is a part of the ‘Greys to Grace!’ series. In our subsequent article, we will share more ways to treat the problem, variety of coloring products available and much more to help you get each and every info right here at your desktop. There’s a lot more coming up. So, have patience, as that’s what you need to help you wipe out the problem, forever.)