Grooms Wedding Attire: 6 Best Styling Tips for Plus-Size Grooms



Buying a wedding attire is a tricky not only for brides but men too. Especially, when the groom is on the heavier side of the scale. Just like a bride, the groom also wants to look perfect and stunning on their wedding day. So, if you are the groom whose wedding is around and your fitness regime has not shown your positive results then don’t worry. Just follow these simple styling tips for plus-size grooms to look slimmer on your wedding day.

1. Choose darker colors

Choose darker colorsImage Source: pinimg

It is always good to opt for a dark color wedding attire as it will make you look thinner. You can choose your sherwani or other outfits according to the latest trend.

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Combinations that you can try:

You can try the classic combination of blue and black with white lowers or marsala with grey and black lowers look fab. The combination of maroon and rust is a new trend that one can try this wedding season.

2. Pick stiff and thick materials

Pick stiff and thick materialsImage Source: weddingz

Always choose stiff and thick material as your base for the traditional wear. Try to look for the outfit with raw silk or thick velvet as these fabrics don’t only make you look royal but also helps in covering the curvy parts of your body.

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3. Choose the right embellishments

Choose the right embellishmentsImage Source: netdna-ssl

If you are the groom who has a bulging belly then make sure that don’t buy a wedding attire that has a lot of work on the midriff portion as it can put more emphasis on your problem areas that you want to hide. So, it is advised to choose your wedding clothes carefully.

4. Select the right lowers

Select the right lowersImage Source: mensxp

If you are short in height and have heavy legs then wearing a pant under a heavy sherwani is not a good idea. A mid-length wear paired with an ankle-length dhoti or lungi would give you slimmer and taller.

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5. Pick the right stole and safa

Pick the right stole and safaImage Source: weddingsutra

Most of the times grooms over-accessorize their sherwani which makes them look broad and heavy. Try to keep your headgear small and subtle to get an elegant look.

6. Choose the neck accessories and shoes carefully

Choose the neck accessories and shoes carefullyImage Source: weddingplz

If you have a broad chest and short neck then opt for heavy neckwear. Pearl malas are also a good option but it generally looks good on the men with perfect physique and long necks. So, it is better to go for a simple look because it always wins. And while choosing the shoes keep your attire in mind, this will help in making the choice easier.

So, these were the few styling tips for plus-size grooms.


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