GYM GOALS: 6 Key Tips That One Should Keep In Mind Before Going To Gym


Exercise for a toned body is a common thing nowadays. Everyone wants to look fitter and slimmer and for this many people end up at the gym. But most of the people don’t know what they are heading themselves to. There are several myths and facts related to gymming that one should know at their initial time.

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Here are some facts that one should know before joining the gym:

1. A big ‘NO’ to makeup

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If you want to look amazing at the gym then keep the look natural and avoid makeup. Because if you apply makeup then later during the exercise it will all melt off from your skin and make you look bad. And this definitely you don’t want to face.

2. Wrong techniques

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Most of the gym instructors are less experienced and don’t have proper knowledge. And because of this most the times they instruct people to spend more time on the treadmill and other cardio exercises. But this not the correct way because it only exerts pressure on your lower body which later makes your muscles brittle. Instead of this try to include different routines in your workout.

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3. Proteins are best for you

Proteins are best for youImage Source: alhadath-yemen

Protein is a must for everyone who has just started gymming because it helps in aligning your muscles perfectly and makes them strong too. After an intense workout, it is very important to have a diet which is rich in protein and nutrients to make your body strong and flexible.

4. Keep your body hydrated

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Intense workout routines make your body dehydrated. So, it becomes very important to drink water or ORS at frequent intervals for keeping your body hydrated and to avoid cramps.

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5. Choose proper time for meals

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Never ever work out after a heavy meal as it will only lead to throwing up. Always remember this tip that there should be at least two hours gap between your meal and workout timing. Try to consume carbs before workout and eat more of sugar and starch after gym.

6. Don’t exaggerate

Don't exaggerateImage Source: mapmyrun

Never gym for the entire week. Try to take gaps in between the routines because your body also needs rest and time to recover. The regular workout will make your body dehydrated and will also lead to cramps which are not a good sign. Try something that is easily achievable.

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