6 Home Remedies To Heal Cuts From Eyebrow Threading


The shape of the eyebrows can do wonders for the face. But shaping them involves threading or tweezing—both of which may be painful. For people with sensitive skin, this exercise could mean irritation and cuts. If you have to deal with this, do deal with it on daily basis, here are 6 post-threading remedies which could help you to show off the groomed brows.

Perfectly-shaped eyebrows can be dream for every woman as eyebrows has the power to uplift the face. There are many ways to shape this where threading is the most common method amongst all. Other ways of eyebrow shaping include tweezing, plucking, microblading, waxing, etc. Threading is similar to pain but it is little better, less-painful, accessible, and inexpensive as compared to other methods. To some people, threading causes pimples, rashes, and bumps. But grooming is important. Therefore, we bring you some proven home remedies that will help you get rid of these issues and protect the skin.

1. Ice


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As threading involves removing the hair from the root, it opens up pores. So the first important thing you should do after threading is to use ice over the affected area in a circular motion. It constricts the blood vessels and also closes the pores, which in turn reduces swelling and redness.

As threading removes hair from the roots, this tends to open up the pores of skin. So, you should cool down the skin and close those pores. Ice cubes are the best option for this work. Apply ice on the eyebrows. It will reduce swelling and also relieve itchiness.

2. Milk


Dip a small swab of cotton wool in fresh, cold milk and swipe on the affected area. The proteins in milk will help reduce redness while protecting and healing the skin.

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3. Aloe vera


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To heal and soothe your skin fast, cut a leaf of aloe vera, scoop out gel in a clean cup, and then mash it and apply. The cooling effect of aloe vera will help calm skin and reduce the burning sensation besides reducing any redness and bumps too.

Aloe vera has excellent soothing properties to relief the burning sensation and calm the soar skin. It would help in reducing redness, bumps, and itchiness on the skin. Apply aloe vera just after threading to relive the skin.

4. Tea bags


Keep your tea bags for future use. Refrigerate them for some time and use them on the swollen, red skin to get instant relief. The theobromine and tannic acid in tea will help relieve pain and quickly heal damaged skin.

You need to make it a habit of avoiding long sun exposure post any beauty treatments. Prolonged exposure to the sun could worsen the itch and irritation and also leads to the development of scars and pimples. If you have to go outdoors, make sure that you have used a quality sunblock. You may also use an umbrella to protect the skin from exposure to the sun.

5. Cool cucumber


Place thin pieces of chilled cucumber on the eyebrow threading cuts. Cucumber is a very effective analgesic therefore it reduces pain. Also, its antioxidant effects will help heal the skin.

Take two slices of cucumber and then place them on the eyebrows. This is mainly good for the cuts during threading. Cucumber has wonderful antioxidant and analgesic properties to reduce pain and also promote skin healing.

Moisturizing the skin daily will speed up the healing process. You need to get an excellent medicated cream that you can apply to the itchy region before going to bed. You can also drink a lot of water to help in hydrating the skin.

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6. Apple cider vinegar


Soak a small cotton ball in some organic apple cider vinegar and properly apply it on the affected areas. As has slightly acidic and anti-bacterial properties, it helps calm down the skin and prevents burn.

In addition to the remedies for cut and itching skin after threading, below given are some tips for sensitive skin after threading:

  • Wash the face with an anti-bacterial soap
  • Always avoid going out in the sunlight
  • Do not apply any facial bleach immediately after threading
  • Do not go for a steam facial

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Tips to manage cuts from eyebrow threading

  1. Put on the rubber gloves. These are safety hacks when you touch any person’s blood.
  2. Always clean the cut eyebrows with fresh, cool water and antibacterial soap.
  3. Slowly massage the lather on the entire eyebrow.
  4. Then rinse thoroughly with fresh water
  5. Avoid use of hot water, which can lead to bleeding.
  6. Use small strips of sterile gauze over the wound for five minutes. If the blood soaks, keep the original gauze intact and add more layers on the top.
  7. Don’t remove the gauze before about 20 minutes. Facial cuts bleed more severely because the face contains many blood vessels.

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