These 5 Teas Have Incredible Health Benefits


Are you also a tea lover? You’re absolutely in the right place now. are not going to serve you a cup of tea but yes you’ll end up having a lot of knowledge about different kinds of teas.

Apart from taste, teas also have been lauded for a wide variety of health benefits, that is, from reducing weight to lessening the chances of heart attack and cancer. So, why to waste much time blabbering on this, let’s hop on the topic right away.

Here are 5 top teas which have incredible health benefits:

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#Fun Fact – According to a 19th-century publication – ‘The Book of Tea’, “tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage”.

1. Green Tea

Green Tea

Health Benefit – perks up your energy levels

For starters, green tea enhances cognition. A research from the University Hospital Of Basel in Switzerland stated that healthy people who consumed green tea containing 27.5 grams of green tea extract experienced more intense activity linked with working memory. A warm cup of this tea can help to stave off free radicals, protect against heart disease, clear up acne, act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. However, it contains caffeine so, it’s better to have it first thing in the morning than last thing in the evening.

2. Chamomile Tea

 Chamomile Tea

Health Benefit – Can give you a good night sleep

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Chamomile has a calming effect upon the drinker and it is frequently used as an effective sleeping aid. This sedative tea acts as a mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer. Now you know what to have the next time you are tossing and turning on your bed.

In another study, 80 postpartum women consumed chamomile tea for two weeks and it was observed their sleep quality bettered and they had fewer symptoms of depression. Some other researches have shown, chamomile tea can reduce inflammation, menstrual pain, and reduce migraines.

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3. Peppermint Tea

 Peppermint Tea

Health Benefit – calms an irritated stomach

Peppermint tea is often referred to as ‘the stomach healer’. This peppermint tea can act as a tonic the next time you have menstrual cramps. Apart from that, it can be your BFF during your next hangover.

Some researches have stated, menthol has anti-spasmodic effects, which means, many stomach ailments like aches, flatulence can be soothed by consuming this tea. Hence the next time you experience any digestive discomfort, give a fair chance to a cup of peppermint tea before turning to medicines.

4. Echinacea Tea

 Echinacea Tea

Health Benefit – Fights flu

Do you catch flu pretty easily? Though its summery outside but it doesn’t mean you cannot get knocked down with a nasty cold. Instead of gulping down antibiotics, gulp down this fragrant flowery tea and let it shorten the duration of your cold.

Some researches state that this tea can reduce your chances of catching a cold by a whopping 58%. So, if you have a big event coming up and you want it to go smoothly, you should consume this tea on regular basis, it will boost your immune system and keep stuffy nose at bay.

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5. Turmeric Tea

 Turmeric Tea

Health Benefit – relieves joint pain

Turmeric tea is also popularly known as ‘golden milk’. Turmeric tea might be the healthiest beverage in town. The active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin is responsible for its warm yellow color and that is where its health benefits lie.

Research from 2017 showed that curcumin can soothe joint pain and arthritis symptoms. This is because turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Some researches have also stated this tea can boost your immune function, lower cholesterol, and prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now you are aware of the good reasons which come attached to your warm cup of tea!

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