12 Side Effects of Milk Tea That Will Surprise You For Sure!


Can’t think without your daily up of milk tea? For many people, how bad or good our day goes is linked to how we begin it and a cup of perfect milk tea is of course the most popular choice to start your day. While there’s no harm in sipping a cup of milk tea for your alertness for a dull day, excessive milk tea consumption might have some side effects that you might not have thought about until now.

This article will take you through some of the serious side effects of consuming milk tea.

How milk tea can be bad for your Health?

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Milk tea is a staple in several countries like India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia. This has various health benefits similar to water-based teas, but if overconsumed, this kind of tea can be very bad for you. Here are some ways milk tea could harm your health.

1.   Can cause insomnia

Can cause insomnia

Like in coffee, the tea, specifically the black tea, which is commonly used to brew milk tea, is very rich in caffeine. When your body has excess caffeine, mainly in the second half of the day, this can induce sleep disorders like insomnia. Although small quantities won’t cause this, drinking excess of more than two cups every day can cause major sleep disorders. This is one of the most well-known side effects of tea having milk and sugar.

2.   Leads to anxiety

Leads to anxiety

Some teas like chamomile are often known for their relaxing abilities, sometimes these side effects of drinking excess milk tea may also lead to anxiety. The reason for this side effect is that tea may activate the brain cells to ease you but when you over do it and drink too much, this can create a mild imbalance in the brain chemicals which causes anxiety.

While small amounts help you have a peace of mind, no matter it be a tea, anxiety often becomes a risk factor if you have it more than 150 per day.

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3.   May cause pimples

May cause pimples

One of the most visible side effects of milk tea for the skin is the occurrence of pimples– these unwanted conditions begin to spread all over your body. If taken in small quantity, tea could help detoxify the body, but too much tea generates extreme heat and causes an imbalance in our body chemicals which result in the outbreak of pimples. The most affected regions for the outbreak of pimple caused due to over-consumption of it include the face, chest, and neck. Thus limit the intake of milk tea to have pimple-free skin.

4.   Triggers constipation

Triggers constipation

Tea contains caffeine another chemical called theophylline. Caffeine proves to be great for the excretory system and helps improve motion flow. Theophylline is very healthy for detoxifying the body, soothing your mind and muscle and improving the blood flow. But, when you drink too much tea, this chemical can cause severe constipation as it often dries your body and dehydrates it.

5.   Creates blood pressure imbalance

Creates blood pressure imbalance

One of the most severe side effects of drinking excess tea is that it can cause an imbalance in the blood pressure. In small quantity, it helps improve circulation, maintains heart health, promotes brain and nerve function and also helps boost your immune system. However, overconsumption of the drink can increases the heart rate and may be one of the causes of high blood pressure, or mildly slows it down up to a great extent due to its soothing properties, which lowers the blood pressure too much. It can be very harmful for your body.

6.   Raises the possibilities of miscarriage

Raises the possibilities of miscarriage

Tea is best for your body because of its properties which help in relaxing your muscles, soothing the mind, increasing blood flow, and even detoxifying your body. When you are pregnant, relaxing the muscles too much and having several detoxifying products in the body or blood flow could lead to miscarriage. So, pregnant ladies are often asked to monitor tea consumption very carefully.

7.   Causes bloating

Causes bloating

When you have too much milk tea, you often realize that your stomach starts bloating. Tea has too much caffeine which is the main reason for your bloating. Milk addition to it may cause bloating more often as milk and caffeine causes gas formation. 

Milk tea can be harmful for our overall health as it not only shows issues in the physical health but affects mental wellness also. It promotes restlessness, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. Caffeine is popular for these problems and it is one of the most common side effects of tea.

8.   Provokes addiction


The shocking side effect of milk tea is that it can lead to addiction. Caffeine is considered as an addictive compound. So, regularly drinking tea at a time, you would feel uncomfortable in the absence of the cup of it. So, it makes you have tea more often. This is simply an addiction for tea.

9.   Can lead to dehydration

Can lead to dehydration

Milk tea promotes dehydration. You can think that tea cannot promote dehydration as it’s a liquid drink. As we said that tea has caffeine that is extremely bad for hydration of the body. But when you consume a moderate quantity of milk tea, it can’t harm you.

10.   Causes sleep disorder

Causes sleep disorder

Caffeine in tea could lead to mild diuretic effects if taken excessively. This can also induce sleep disorders.

11.   Triggers anxiety and restlessness

Triggers anxiety and restlessness

The caffeine is one of the most well-known mood-enhancing drugs and this has some bad as well as good effects to our body. Consuming excess tea may lead to restlessness, sleep disruption, anxiety, and elevated heart rate.

12.   Causes prostate cancer

Causes prostate cancer

It is the worst side effect of consuming too much tea. Research has revealed that men who are very heavy tea drinkers might be at more risk for prostate cancer.

Remember, while you plan a diet with your nutritionists and the doctors; always ask them that what quantities of tea and which types of tea may help your body. Also, brew limited quantity and ensure that you follow the precious advice of your medical professionals when consuming tea.

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