10 Incredible Health Benefits of Ragi – Recipes Included


Ragi is a wonder grain for weight loss. It is very rich in calcium and has high fiber content. It is also considered the best help for people suffering from diabetes. This is a very common baby food in India. This food helps strengthen baby’s bones by enriching with high calcium and iron to body. Read this article to know some amazing health benefits of ragi along with delicious recipes.

Quick facts on ragi

  • This cereal needs polishing unlike other cereals, making it a healthy food to consume.
  • It is also considered as a natural wonder grain for weight loss.
  • Ragi keeps the body cool even during the scorching summer days.

Health benefits of ragi

Doctors suggest that diabetic patients and normal people should consume ragi to avoid such serious diseases. Below are some of the benefits and wonders which ragi can offer.

High in protein


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Eleusinian is the major protein found in ragi and has many biological values. This protein helps in preventing malnutrition and is thought to be a very healthy protein source for vegetarians. Methionine content is 5 percent of the total proteins in ragi. It has a high amount of carbohydrates and is recommended by most dietitians.

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Natural weight loss agent


Ragi has high amount of fiber which keeps the stomach full and prevent you from unwanted cravings. It leads to weight loss. This reduces the levels of blood sugar in the body. Ragi is works best when consumed in the morning. Ragi has a type of amino acid known as tryptophan which helps you lose weight.

Prevents premature ageing


Ragi is an all-natural skincare agent which has anti-ageing properties. Important amino acids such as methionine and lysine in ragi help protect the skin from rashes, skin dullness, and wrinkles. The antioxidants in ragi helps fight stress in the body which reverses the signs of ageing. It also rejuvenates the damaged skin cells, making you look healthy and fresh.

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Ragi is good for hair


Ragi is packed with proteins and prevents hair loss. It is recommended for those who are suffering from the hair loss. Your hair needs lot of protein as hair itself is made up of protein. Keratin is the primary protein found in the hair. Lack of essential proteins could lead to uncontrolled loss of hair and if you start consuming ragi, it would strengthen the hair and also reduce hair fall.

Ragi also prevents premature greying of hair. It is caused due to oxidation of tissues. The antioxidants in ragi will prevent the damage to the tissues, so, reducing the chances of having grey hair. The magnesium content could be found in whole ragi which is responsible for minimizing hair loss. It also increases blood circulation in the scalp which helps hair growth.

Ragi is rich in calcium


There is no cereal that can come close to the quantity of total calcium available in ragi. Also, calcium is required for the human bones to develop and also prevents osteoporosis in which bones become fragile and weak. So instead of taking calcium pills, it is suggested that you drink ragi porridge.

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Ragi recipes

Now that you know the benefits of ragi, you might find it slightly hard if you taste this for the first time. Let us look at some recipes.

Ragi onion masala dosa


  • One cup of ragi flour
  • One-fourth cup of rice flour
  • One-fourth cup of yoghurt
  • One chopped onion
  • One chopped green chilli
  • One tablespoon of coriander leaves
  • Cooking oil
  • Half cup of water
  • Salt


  1. Add the ragi flour, sliced green chillies, rice flour, and curd and mix it with half cup of water and some salt. Keep the mixture aside for about 30 minutes. The paste should be smooth.
  2. Add the onions and coriander leaf and mix them well. Heat one spoon of salt and then add the mustard seeds. Once the mustard seed begin to crackle, add some cumin seeds and the curry leaves.
  3. Heat the mix and add the ragi dosa paste. Pour ragi onion masala dosa and fry for about 30 seconds until it turns brown. After about 30 seconds stir dosa and cook for 30 around seconds.

Ragi idli


  • One cup of idli rice
  • Half cup of urad dal
  • One-fourth of cup of thick poha
  • 2 spoons of methi seeds
  • One cup of ragi flour
  • One-third cup of water
  • One teaspoon of rock salt


  1. Prepare the idli paste to make ragi idlis. Soak the urad dal in some water and then keep aside for 3-4 hours.
  2. Soak idli rava in fresh water and then keep it aside for one hour.
  3. Take urad dal and blend it using a small mixer. You could also add more water to it.
  4. Once fermentation of the idli rava is done, you have to add the ragi flour and the idli rava to urad dal batter and slowly mix it well.
  5. When his is done, leave the paste for 8-10 hours to ferment.
  6. As the fermentation is done, now add salt and a pinch of cooking soda and mix it well. Your ragi idli is ready to be cooked.

Excessive eating is not good for health and importantly ragi should be consumed in limit such that your dependence on it does not decide your eating habits. Excessive consumption of ragi could increase the amount of oxalic acid in body. Thus, ragi must be added to daily diet to have a balanced diet.

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