7 Amazing Health Benefits of Wood Apple You’ll Be Surprised to Know


Fruits are loved by all of us, not just for their delicious flavor but also for their health benefits. Fruits are well-known to boost the immunity system in humans and provide them a healthy life. One of such fruits with a number of health benefits is wood apple.

Wood apple is a native of Indian sub-continent. The fruit is pear shaped with diameter of 7-10 cm. It also has thick as well as hard outer structure which doesn’t split after ripening. The shell is woody, gray, smooth, and green that turns yellow after ripening. This fruit is initially gray-green also turns into a pale yellow whenever it develops to its complete size. When it is split open, this fruit will show pale orange pulp which separated by the thicker and dark orange walls.

Why wood apple is good for health?

Wood apple is very effective in combating many health problems such as constipation, peptic ulcer, indigestion, respiratory problems, dysentery, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, and sexual dysfunction. It also enhances the immunity to fight against infections caused by virus, bacteria, and fungus.

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Leaves of wood apple contain methanol properties that help to reduce the cholesterol, blood urea and blood sugar levels. Studies revealed that activity of methanol properties in leaves is similar to contemporary drugs. The juice extracted from the ripe fruit is packed with important antioxidants. The rich nutrient content of wood apple makes it an excellent source of energy. It is very rich in nutrients and the best source of fiber, phosphorous, vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and beta carotene. Due to these reasons the wood apple or bael is a must-have fruit. It is not just a fruit, even the wood apple leaves is very beneficial to treat blood pressure problems.

Benefits of wood apple

  1. Helps in digestion


Wood Apple helps in enhancing digestion. It destroys the harmful parasites in the gut and is a great best remedy for the treatment of digestive disorders. The laxative properties of wood apple also help in relieving constipation, subsequent pain, and discomfort. Drinking wood apple juice is associated with several benefits for stomach and digestive system. It helps in treating digestive problems such as dysentery and diarrhea. This is also known to be a best remedy for constipation and helps reduce discomfort.

  1. Boosts liver health


Wood apple contains beta carotene that is extremely good for your liver. Other than this, it also contains thiamine which is a type of vitamin beneficial for the indigestion. So, consuming a wood apple on a daily basis can help us to get rid of all liver problems and improves its functions up to a great extent. It is beneficial for liver health because it has the ability to remove toxins. It could also relieve us of common cold, sore throat, cough, and help with the treatment of ear pain.

  1. Good for our kidney


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Many important nutrients in bael fruit could make the kidney stay healthy. It helps the kidney stay detoxified in a natural way. So, consuming this fruit may be good for your overall digestive system. Drinking one glass of wood apple juice regularly or eating raw wood apple can help to achieve good kidney health. Regular intake of wood apple is suggested for people with kidney complaints. The detoxifying powers of wood apple help the liver and kidney to get protected if the right organic compounds from wood apple are kept at healthy level.

  1. Keeps you stay away from constipation


Do you know when we experience constipation most frequently? This happens when your body is deficient in vitamin C. Lack of vitamin C could make the immune system very weak. So, not only constipation, it can make you weak from many several other perspectives. So, consuming wood apple every alternate day could provide you many important health benefits and also prevents constipation. The laxative properties of wood apple help to avoid constipation and subsequent, pain and associated health risks due that specific condition. When combined with antifungal and antiparasitic activities, makes wood apple and ideal fruit for promoting digestive health.

  1. Respiratory problems


Bael fruit has the ability solve several respiratory issues. Other than this, it has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties that keep you away from severe lungs infections. So, it could easily protect the mucus to cover the respiratory tract. Hence, you will get the better and healthy respiratory system.

  1. Regulates high blood sugr


Blood glucose regulation is important for the healthy functioning of our body. Fluoride being an important factor influences blood glucose level. Fluoride content in drinking water spikes the glucose tolerance of blood causing high blood sugar also called as fluoride-related hyperglycemia.

Wood apple is very useful in controlling fluoride induced hyperglycemia as the pulp has compounds such as Phytosterols, Saponis, Flavonoids, Polyphenols, and Ascorbic acid which are well know known for their ability to control high blood sugar level. Therefore, eating the wood apple helps regulate fluoride-induced blood sugar level.

7. Useful for better sleep


The wood apple root powder is an excellent source to get rid of sleeplessness and to improve the quality of your sleep. Convert the root powder into thick slurry by mixing water and then apply the slurry to the temple region of your head and to your forehead for going to bed.

How to select & consume wood apple

Ripe wood apples are very healthy to eat. A person can select ripe fruits by feeling the smell. The smell of ripe fruit is very intense as compared to raw fruits. If this fruit is raw keep the fruits in the sunlight for a day or two. That is it the fruits will get ripen enough.

Ripe pulp may be consumed directly and even by mixing with some honey or sugar. You can also prepare juice using wood apple. The pulp of this fruit can be used for preparing sweets, chutney and curry for consuming.


Only eat ripe wood apples and avoid having raw fruits as they can cause hoarseness and throat pain. Take extra care while breaking its shell. If you are eating wood apple for the very first time, consume a little amount and see how your body reacts.

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