9 Nutritious Foods to Eat During Winters to Stay Healthy


Winter is finally here and most of us are ready to enjoy the cool breeze with tasty food and hot beverages. Well, this winter is a bit different than previous ones just because of COVID-19 chaos and amidst some health protocols like social distancing and wearing masks. Though it is a very beautiful season but during this season one has to take extra care of their health because the sudden drop in temperature can make you suffer from various diseases and infections.

So, what we can do to stay healthy during winter? You can make slight changes in your diet by adding some healthy stuff. Here is a list of foods to eat in winter to stay healthy.

1. Butter

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Butter is one of the best foods that you can eat during winter because of its high fat and calorie content. Eating a small amount of this milk product can increase your body temperature naturally.

2. Cashew nuts

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Cashew nuts are very healthy and it is also used to add flavor to various Indian dishes. Eating a handful of cashews regularly can help you combat diseases like depression and heart diseases. It also helps in increasing body temperature. Thus, keeping you healthy during winter.

3. Apples

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Apple is a fruit which grows in great amount during winter in India. This yummy fruit is loaded with the benefits of antioxidants, vital minerals, and vitamins which can help in improving your metabolic rate and immunity.

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4. Dates

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Dates are a popular dry fruit which is very nutritious and tasty. You can also consume it regularly during non-winter months because of its amazing health benefits. It is also helpful in increasing the body temperature that can keep you warm from within.

5. Ghee

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Ghee is a traditional milk product which is very popular in India and it is used in making various sweets and yummy dishes. Still, there are many people who think that ghee is a fattening food but consuming it in limited amounts can prove to be very beneficial for your health as it can also help in keeping your body warm.

6. Tomatoes

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Eating a bowl of tomato broth and tomato soup can help you a lot during winter as tomatoes have very rich content of lycopene and vitamin C that can protect against various infections and diseases during winter by boosting your immunity.

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7. Black pepper

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Adding black pepper to your diet is a great idea as it can protect your body against various infections. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help you in treating a number of ailments like cold, joint pain, cough, and other respiratory problems.

8. Dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate has many health benefits  and drinking a cup of hot chocolate made from dark cocoa can help you a lot in improving your immunity and metabolism during winter. It also helps in increasing your body temperature. Thus, keeping you healthy.

9. Leafy greens

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You can eat leafy greens like mint leaves, spinach or kale any time throughout the year. Still, it is best to consume it during winter as it improves your immunity and naturally increases the body temperature.

So, these were the few foods to eat in winter to stay healthy.

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