Here Is Why Rice Is Good For Your Health


Rice is one of those food items that we all have consumed since our childhood. Later the role of dietitian and gym instructor came in our life and they told us that if you want to lose weight then forget eating rice. But in reality, it is good to eat it as it has various health benefits.

Many of us consume rice on a daily basis but do you know whether the rice you are eating is actually good for your health or not? Read further to know which is the best variety and what is the best way to eat it.

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Here is the list that unlocks the goodness of rice:

1. Choose the right one


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To get the health benefits it is very important to choose the right rice. According to experts, it is recommended to eat rice from a particular origin because packed one have mixed variety of rice which have a different origin.

2. Never remove starch

Never remove starchImage Source: studiod

Starch is a very important component of rice as it has all the anti-aging properties that prevent early signs of aging. So, if you want to look younger and beautiful never ever remove starch from your rice.

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3. Benefits of starch water

Benefits of starch waterImage Source: mavcure

Starch water is very beneficial for the metabolism and other gastric problems. In many households, it is cooked with other grains which are known as pej or kanji. It also contains Vitamin B which is very good for your gut. So, try to utilize the rice water in a better way.

4. Right time

Right timeImage Source: olagiatopaidi

Well, most of you don’t know but the best time to eat rice is at night. Yes, you heard it right as it helps to restore your sleep and makes you feel fresh in the morning. So, always try to include rice in your dinner.

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5. Which one to eat

Which one to eatImage Source: newsfirst

There are various varieties of rice available in different parts of India but you should always try to consume the rice which is locally available to you or is grown near to your area as it will suit your health conditions.


So, these were the few points that you should keep in mind while consuming rice to gain health benefits.



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