How To Actually Make Your Breakfast Count


Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day and that is so because of some actual reasons and facts. But even after knowing this most of us don’t eat a proper breakfast or even skip it. So in order to make you more aware of these facts we have made a compilation of the top 10 tips which will help you to get the maximum of your breakfast and will even encourage you to eat a proper breakfast every day.

1. Make use of your awake metabolism- Our metabolism is the most efficient during the morning time and thus, you must take full advantage of it. Eat a wholesome and heavy breakfast and since your metabolism is working very fast at this time your body will easily digest and utilize the energy gained from it. It is a fact that people who eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner are more likely to lose weight as compared to the people who eat a light breakfast and a heavy dinner.

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2. Include variety in your breakfast- If you want to get all the essential nutrients in your breakfast then you must include a variety of food items in your breakfast. Don’t just stick one thing, keep changing your breakfast menu and try to include food items from various food groups so as to get the healthy dose of nutrients.

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3. Eggs on the go- Eggs are the perfect breakfast option as these are filling and quick to make. Eggs have enough protein to fill you up and keep you filled till your lunch time. The egg yolk provides you with healthy fats which are also very important for the healthy functioning of the body. The best part is that these take just a few minutes to make and if you have some extra time in your hand then you can try out various egg recipes which you get on the internet.

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4. Add greens to your breakfast- You must always try to include something green in your breakfast, whether it is a green smoothie or some sauté spinach with your omelette. But make sure to add something green to your breakfast. Green leafy vegetables are very rich in magnesium content along with the several vitamins and minerals are a perfect addition to your diet.

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5. If your breakfast is incomplete without cereal and toast- You might feel that your breakfast is incomplete without cereal and toast but these are not good options to include in your diet as the cereals, you get in the market are loaded with sugar and the bread too have hidden sugars. In fact, a better option is to eat porridge or oats with an omelette or scrambled eggs. The protein and fibre from these will keep you full for longer and will curb away any mid-day cravings.

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6. Beware of hidden sugar- There are several food items which have hidden sugars in them like most of the breakfast cereals, flavoured yogurt and packaged juices. Consuming sugar in the morning can make you feel sluggish and lethargic by slowing down your metabolism. Thus, it is better to avoid any sort of processed food in the morning as most of them have a high amount of sugar in them.

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7. If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy- Fruits are a great addition to your breakfast if you can’t go without having something sweet in your breakfast. Add some chopped grapefruit on your granola or oatmeal. You can also make a quick strawberry and chocolate chip smoothie for yourself if you are on the go. The vitamin C present in these fruits has so many benefits for our body and skin plus it also gets your nerves steady and make you feel calmer. Fresh fruits are always a great option as compared to fruit juices and dried fruits.

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8. Drink water- Your body has not only been fasting for the last eight hours or so but has also been dehydrated for the exact same. So along with feeding it you also need to add some fluids to your body as well. As soon as you wake up drink a big glass of water to get your body functions started. Drink one more glass of water with your breakfast as well. You can also add some lemon juice to your morning water in order to balance the acidity of the blood.

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9. Keep a check on the time of your coffee- May be you are in the habit of waking up only after getting your morning coffee. But the best time to drink your coffee is after eating something. Drinking coffee can amp up your cortisol level which is the stress hormone.

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10. Don’t force feed yourself- Even if you get a little late for your breakfast, it won’t make your body’s metabolism slow down. So some extra time in your bed or a few extra minutes to your yoga is not going to make a huge difference.

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