How To Choose The Perfect Haircut According To Your Face Shape


If you have been carrying the same haircut for a few months or years, then it is obvious for you to get bored from that particular haircut. But before you change your hairstyle it is important that you spend enough amount of time before settling down for “the perfect one”. One thing that you should never do while selecting a hairstyle for yourself is going for a haircut that suits your best friend, sister, cousin or whosoever. As what might look good on others may not suit you. Thus, it is very important to pick a haircut that will flatter your face shape.

In order to find out as if which haircut will look the best on your face shape, you can either take the help of an expert or just keep in mind our below-mentioned tips.

1. For long face shape- If your face shape falls into this category then you must go for a hairstyle which will add layers to your hair. The layers will give some volume to your hair and thus will make your face look a little rounder. Also, medium length haircuts will flatter this face shape. If you have curly hair, then avoid cutting your hair too short; keep them a little longer instead. Ask your hairstylist to add some texture or highlights to your colors as this will add some much-needed definition to your hair. You can also add bangs to your hair as this will also help in making your face look a little less long.

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2. For round face shape- For this face shape, the main concern is to make it appear leaner and longer. For achieving that you need to avoid adding too many layers to your hair and also layers that are too short. Also keeping your hair length too long can make your face appear rounder thus you must stick to shoulder length haircuts with graduated layers. If you have a broad forehead you can also go for bangs, but make sure you stick to side swept bangs only.

Haircut According To Your Face Shape2Image Source: hairworldmag

3. For oval face shape- People with this face shape are the luckiest of all since almost every hairstyle suits them. You can keep your hair length short or long, depending on your preference.

Haircut According To Your Face Shape3Image Source: khoobsurati

4. For square face shape- If you are someone with a square face shape then you probably have a strong jawline too. The perfect haircut for your face should be one that will add a lot of texture to your hair. Go for razor cuts, curls or even spiky cuts. But make sure to avoid bangs and blunt cut at all costs.

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5. For heart face shape- People with this face shape have a pointy chin and thus, you need to draw the attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Bangs or fringes are a great option to do that. Your bangs will draw the attention to your eyes and cheekbones which is what we are trying to do here. Go for side swept bangs. Stick to long layers and say no to short or blunt cut bangs.

Haircut According To Your Face Shape5Image Source: khoobsurati

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