How To Cleanse Your Face With Milk?


You often have heard about these three procedures of cleansing, toning and moisturizing for basic skin care treatments to avert a perfect clear and glowing skin. it is very true that cleansing  helps in removing the all the dead skin cells, dirt & indeed tightens your skin. Cleansing also helps in removing your makeup and makes your skin appear clear and clean. So ladies if you really want to have a glowing, clean and blemish less skin it is advisable to cleanse your skin regularly.


There are numerous of ways to purify your skin. But ideally you should only cleanse your skin natural milk. Our health market is fueled with products like cleansing milk, but unfortunately they failed to give our desired results. So for this reason you should only use natural milk to get a cleanse skin. You can simply apply milk on your skin or just simply add in your face mask to give your skin a cleansing touch. Here are some homemade remedies of using milk for making your skin shinny and glowing

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Rose water and milk- mix few drops of rose water in a half bowl of milk and water and gently apply it on your skin. Massage this natural cleanser all over your face in a circulation motion for at least couple of minutes, And after that wash your face with cold water to get a clean  and beautiful skin. This will close your open pores as well.

Honey and milk cleanser-

Honey and milk cleanserI’m sure you all are aware of the numerous benefits of honey; it has such natural antioxidants which instantly give your skin a natural glow and also keep your wrinkles and facials lines at bay, if you cleanse your face with it on your regular basis. To avert its benefits you only have to put in few drops of honey into milk and then apply that pack on your face and keep massaging it in circular motion for a minute. This whole remedy will cure all your pimple and acne problems and at last gives you a radiant and glowing skin.

Milk scrub and oatmeal cleanser- you can use it as face cleanser or as a scrub. In this busy life we don’t get enough time to scrub our face, but then you could also make this homemade cleanser in few minutes. Mix oatmeal powder in a bowl of milk, make its paste and apply it on your face, then gently scrub your face to exfoliate and cleanse the skin totally.

Papaya and milk cleanser-

Papaya and milk cleanserPapaya is the best fruit when it comes to skin cleansing, And if mix papaya with milk to cleanse our skin. It is one the best solution to cure all your skin related problems. Papaya has such natural enzymes, which helps in exfoliating the skin and take away dead skin cells very easily.

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Hence these are some natural milk cleansers that are effective and homemade.  Apply it on your face and do share your experience with us.

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