7 Simple Steps To Do Facial At Home


A facial massage is one of the proven ways to relax and rejuvenate your muscles and facial skin. It also quickly lifts your mood and also helps relieve stress. But, most of the people do not have time to hit a salon or spa every week to get the professional facial massage.

That does not need to be a matter of concern, as it is feasible to give yourself a professional face massage at home. This article will discuss the right steps and techniques to perform facial at home.

Steps to do facial massage

7 Simple Steps To Do Facial At Home

  • Clean the face with a cleanser. The skin must be clean before you start massage.
  • Choose an optimum facial oil. For dry skin,take almond, argan, or marula oils. For oily skin, pick grapeseed or jojoba oil. For acne-prone skin, choose the rosehip seed oil. Sensitive skin requires aloe vera and moringa oil.
  • If you don’t want to use oil, you might use a good moisturizer for face massage.
  • Always wash your hands properly.
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If you don’t want to use your fingers, you can use a face roller for massaging the face.

Once you have used the cream or facial oil, follow the below steps.

Step 1

Massage the forehead:


  • Put the knuckles on your forehead, just between your eyebrows.
  • Slowly move them up toward the hairline, and sideways toward your temples. Perform this in a scraping motion.
  • Do this five times.

Step 2

Massage the eye region:


  • Place the tip of the middle and index fingers on your temple.
  • Move the fingers under the eye area, towards the nose.
  • Continue moving over the eyebrows and then come back under the eye area, following the oval motion.
  • Repeat this process five times.
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Step 3

Massage the cheeks:


  • Gently place your knuckles on the cheeks below the nose bridge.
  • Swipe it across your cheeks, towards the ears.
  • Now, repeat this movement five times.

Step 4

Massage the mouth region


  • Make a “V” sign with the index and middle fingers of both the hands.
  • Now, place the fingers on the mouth area such that index finger is above your middle finger and upper lip is just below the lower lip.
  • Slowly press and pull your fingers towards the ears.
  • Do this five times.

Step 5

Massage the chin area


  • Place the knuckles on your chin such that that the jawline is between the knuckles.
  • Now, gently pull your knuckles upward, along the jawline, toward the ears.
  • Do this five times.

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Step 6

Massage the neck


  • Put the knuckles under the chin.
  • Pull them downward gently toward the collarbone.
  • Now, repeat the movements by moving your knuckles along the jaw line and pull them down to the collarbone.
  • Repeat this process five times.

Step 7

Massage the outline of your face


  • Put the knuckles between the eyebrows.
  • Now, move it upward, along your hairline, toward the temple.
  • Slowly bring it down along the side of your face, including the jaw line.

Once you have completed these steps, place the palms on the face and slowly press while taking deep breath. It will help you relax.

It is a very basic process but an effective facial massage technique. The above steps are quite easy to follow. Facial massage has several other benefits too.

Benefits of facial massage

1. Help reduce stress


A study revealed that 45 minutes of facial massage can reduce psychological stress by slightly activating the sympathetic nervous system. This is a part of the autonomous nervous system which controls the fight response of your body. This massage technique also helps reduce anxiety and improves your mood.

2. Help improve blood flow


A study showed that face massage for about 5 minutes with facial massage rollers help improve blood circulation in facial skin. It revealed that massaging regularly for around 5 weeks can dilate blood vessels and even increase blood flow.

3. Have anti-aging benefits


Studies revealed that massaging an induce changes in skin structures. It was found to change the facial expression muscle and intra-facial tissue. The study found evidence for the benefit of facial massage. The improvement in the skin structure can help keep the skin smooth and minimize the appearance of the fine lines.

Facial massages are comforting. Here are some wonderful tips which can help you make it relaxing for yourself.

Tips for facial massages

  1. Use the massaging tool:This is the best tool to enhance your experience with massaging. You might use a jade roller to experience a calming massage. This technique remains same. The difference is you will be using a small tool instead of the fingers or knuckles.
  2. Do not ignore the neck:The skin on the neck needs care and attention. When you are massaging the face, extend the motion to your neck and also chest area.
  3. Use anti-aging creams:Including the anti-aging creams to your facial care routine would help enhance the skin health, reduce the fine lines, and even delay other signs of aging effectively.
  4. Exfoliate before massaging:It helps the skin absorb the oils or moisturizer.
  5. Massage in the evening:It can help the skin absorb the skin products overnight.

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