How to Fix Chapped Lips without a Chapstick


If you’re unsure what the Chapstick is, then let me enlighten you for this. Chapstick is nothing but a lip balm. Chapstick is the brand name and lip balm is the variety. All the Chapsticks are lip balm but not all the lip balms are Chapstick. If you check online, the price of Chapstick is mind boggling. So, purchasing one is out of the question, unless you’re a skincare freak. Sometimes when our lips are chapped to extreme limits, the lip balms don’t seem to work. Chapstick work wonders in just a night.

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But in this post, we will tell you how to heal your chapped lips without using a Chapstick. Read on to know more…

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1. Honey & Almond Oil
Mix few drops of almond oil in few drops of honey. Apply this mixture on your lips and massage it gently. Leave it overnight. Avoid licking your lips. Scrub your lips the next morning using an old toothbrush. Apply a nourishing lip balm afterward.

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2. Green Tea
The antioxidants of green tea can bring the life back to your dry lips. Take one used a tea bag and dip it in 1 tbsp. of water. Let it sit for some time. Now press the used tea bag on your lips for few minutes. This hydrating lip mask will rejuvenate your lips and pucker them up naturally.

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3. Cucumber
The hydrating properties of cucumber cannot be overlooked. Most of the moisturizing lotions contain cucumber extracts for instant hydration. It repairs the damaged skin by accelerating up the regeneration process of tissues. You merely have to cut a slice of fresh cucumber and keep it in the freezer for few minutes. Massage this cool cumber slice on your lips. Keep it on your lips for 2 minutes. You will feel the difference from first time itself.

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4. Sugar & Olive Oil
This is an ingenious way to get rid of chapped lips and plumping them up. Take 1 tbsp. of brown sugar and add tbsp. of olive oil to it. Mix it well to make a grainy paste. Take the mixture on an old toothbrush and rub it on your lips in gentle circular motions. Leave it for 2 minutes and then clean it off using a tissue. Do this trick once a week for considerable results.

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5. Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil & Vitamin E
These ingredients, if you’ve noticed, are highly emollient and anti-inflammatory. They help keeping your delicate lips moist and supple. Take a tbsp. of cocoa butter and add few drops of almond oil to it. Puncture 2 vitamin E capsules in it. Whip the ingredients well so that they mix completely. You can store this mixture in a lip balm jar and use it like your lip balm.

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6. Milk Cream
The fats in the milk cream will repair your chapped lips and get rid of the pigmentation. Massage your lips with some milk cream twice a day. Leave it as such.

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7. Avoid the Flavoured Toothpaste
If chapped lips have become a chronic problem for you, then perhaps your toothpaste is meddling with your lips. Toothpaste containing peppermint and mint makes your lips dry. So, it is best to use the herbal toothpaste only.

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