How to Make Deepika’s Messy Bun and Priyanka’s Waves Hairstyle


Letting your hair open without worry is a distant dream during monsoons. Frizzy hair and hairfall leave us with little or no option to style our hair. And we end up wearing a bun to our work? Isn’t it? But this monsoon, let yourself fall in love with your mane. Flaunt your wavy attributes with panache. You can try out as many hairstyles like Deepika Padukone’s messy bun or Priyanka Chopra’s wavy curls hairstyle. These four hairstyle trends are not going to fade away in anytime soon. So pick up your comb and bobby pins and get ready to set your hair into a miracle.

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1. Deepika Padukone’s Messy Bun
If you’re having limp hair, then either backcomb your hair to add some volume or apply some volume boost product on your hair. Brush your hair to smooth the ends. Make a centre parting in your hair and divide your hair from ear to ear. Backcomb the front section of your hair and then use the hairspray. Flip your hair back and then smooth the top to create a bouffant. Secure your hair below the crown with the bobby pins. Make a rope braid with your hair and twist it up to create a bun. Secure the bun with some bobby pins. Loosen out some bits to give it a messy look. Spray some hairspray to set your bun. You can use hair accessories to chic up your look.

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2. Priyanka Chopra’s Waves
This is the easiest yet fashionable hairstyle to wear if you’re getting late for work. Just apply some volumizing product on your hair and roots. Quickly blow-dry them. Divide a section of your hair from ear-to-ear. Curl the section using a curler. Finger comb your hair to smoothen the look. Set them with a hairspray.

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3. Sonakshi Sinha’s Dutch Braid
Apply a smoothening balm on your hair to smooth out the frizzies and flyaways. Blow dry your hair. Make a centre parting of your hair. On each side, make a reverse French braid. Secure it with a rubber band at the end. Use a hair wax while braiding your hair. Spray your hair to fix the flyaway.

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4. Aditi Rao Hydari’s Low-Ponytail
Apply some volumizing mousse on your hair and paddle dry them. divide your hair from ear to ear and clip them aside. Backcomb the remaining hair and make a ponytail. Curl the ponytail using a curling tong. Softly backcomb the hair in the front and pin them towards the ponytail. Curl the leftover hair to create a wavy look. Use a head gear to ornament the look.

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