How To Make Your Nail Art Last Longer: 7 Useful Tips


So you have already spent so much of time and effort in getting that classy nail art that you saw your favorite celebrity wearing. You certainly don’t want it to get smudged, budged or chipped, at least for a few days, then follow our easy tips to make your nail art last longer.

1. Choose a comfortable nail length- You don’t want your nails to become a hurdle while you are doing your daily chores. Thus, make sure to stick to a decent length so that you can comfortably continue with doing your daily tasks. Also, you don’t want to break or chip your nail as it can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience. Especially if your job requires a lot of use of your hands such as typing on the keyboard, then it is advisable to keep the length of your nails on the shorter side.

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2. Prep your nails- In this step you need to prep your nails for the upcoming steps. This involves removing any of the chipped old nail paint from your nails. Then you need to buff your nails with a nail buffer in order to smoothen the surface of the nails. Follow this by cutting the hanging cuticles, if any, in order to make the nails look neat. Now take a nail filer to shape the nails as you desire.

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3. Scrub and moisturize- Once you are done with the buffing and filing make sure to scrub and moisturize your hands so as to get rid of the dead skin along with the dirt and grime. After the scrubbing, use a hand cream or a moisturizing lotion to add some moisture to your hands. You can also apply some Vaseline on your cuticles around the nails as this will prevent the nail paint from sticking to the skin.

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4. Use a base and a top coat- The long lastingness of a manicure depends a lot on the fact that if you have used a base coat before applying the nail paint and if you have finished your manicure with a top coat. The base coat will prevent your nails from getting in direct contact with the nail paint and thus getting stained. The top coat will ensure that your nail paint doesn’t chip too soon.

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5. Choose good quality nail paint- Always go for quality products if you want your manicure to last longer. Avoid purchasing those cheap nail paints from the roadside as these are not going to last longer plus they can also stain and damage your nails. Thus, it is always better to go for branded nail paints.

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6. Dry in between coats- This step is very important if you don’t want your nail paint to budge or smudge. After you apply one coat, let it dry completely before putting on another coat of nail paint. Follow this tip after every coat of nail paint you apply.

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7. Dip your nails in ice water- If you are under a time crunch then after applying your nail paint you can dip your hands in ice water in order to let the nail paint dry faster. But don’t put your hands in water immediately after applying the nail paint; wait for a minute and then put your hands in the water.

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