How To Reduce Dark Circles- Grandma’s Tips


Your eyes can reveal even the deepest secrets that lie within your heart. Even when words fail to express your feeling your eyes can do all the talking. When you decide to meet your someone special and all dolled up from head to toe. You see yourself in the mirror and despite everything being in place, there is something not right with you. What is that one thing which is setting you a step back from looking the best? Look closely. These are those nasty dark circles encircling your eyes and making you look like a dolled up panda.

Dark circles can be a total spoiler. If your dark circles are very deep and dark, then even the makeup could not hide them. If you want your dark circles to vanish completely, then you need to take care of your under eye skin area as the skin in this part of the face is super sensitive and delicate as compared to the other parts of the face. Thus, it is very important that you take a great amount of care of your under eye area.

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Dark circles often represent dull and unhealthy skin. The main reason which causes dark circles is the irregular lifestyle of a person. Other factors which may lead to dark circles are stress, lifestyle, your eating habits, irregular sleeping patterns, etc.

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If you are someone who is suffering from this problem, then you have probably tried everything from medicated creams to cosmetic gels. But nothing really works or the results won’t last for much longer. But you don’t have to worry now. Today we are going to share with you some of the home remedies which are very effective in treating dark circles. After getting rid of these dark circles not only you will look better, but your confidence level will also get improved.

So without any further due, let’s get started with the home remedies.

The reasons leading to dark circles:

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  1.  Fatigue
  2.  Mental stress
  3.  Age
  4.  Medical condition
  5.  Genetic
  6.  Lack of sleep
  7.  Lack of vitamins and calcium

Quick tips from Grandma:

• The best way to keep dark circles at bay is by taking 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep not only causes dark circles but may also lead to various diseases. Thus, it is very important for you to sleep for at least 8 hours on a daily basis.

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• If you are noticing swelling along with the dark circles, then you can either use cucumber or raw potato slices to reduce the puffiness. Place the slice on your closed eyes and leave the on for 10-15 minutes. This reduces the puffiness and tiredness from your eyes and makes them look more awake.

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• You may have heard so many times that you must wash your eyes with cold water, but did you know that washing your eyes with warm water can help in reducing the dark circles to a great extent. This will not only clean your eyes but will also improve the blood circulation in that area. Apart from this you can also mix lemon juice with cucumber juice and use this concoction on your under eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

• Dehydration may also lead to dark circles, therefore, it is important that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

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• Another great recipe that just works really well for treating dark circles is by applying the ground wheat husk (chokar) or barley (jau) flour with a pinch of turmeric mixed with raw milk. Massage your under eye area with this mixture gently. This remedy work wonders for reducing the dark circles. Make sure to follow this remedy regularly in order to see results.

• Almond milk or almond powder can also be used combined with raw milk to treat dark circles. Make a paste with these ingredients and apply it to the under eye area and leave it overnight. Next morning, wash your eyes with cold water. This remedy will add a glow to your skin. The almond oil is very effective in reducing the discoloration as it is enriched with vitamin E oil.

• One of the most important thing that really works when you are trying to reduce dark circles is a healthy and nutritious diet. Eating a healthy diet is not only good for your health but can also improve the health of your skin as well.

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• In order to get rid of dark circles really fast you can massage your under eye, skin area with almond oil on a regular basis. You will start noticing the results very soon.

• After having your green tea don’t throw away the tea bags, you can use these to reduce your dark circles. Place the tea bags in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Once the tea bags are cold enough, lie down with your eyes closed and place the cold tea bags on your eyes and relax. The cold tea bags will constrict the blood vessels, thus reducing the appearance of the dark circles. It will also reduce the tiredness and will make your eyes feel fresh.

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• While applying under eye cream or gel never pull or tug your skin. Always use a patting motion to apply the cream.

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• Also, avoid using your normal facial creams on or near the under eye area as it may lead to puffy or swollen eyes. Always use a cream or gel specially meant for the under eye area.

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