Caution: These Easy-To-Use Sanitary Napkins Are Actually Harmful to You!


As the time is changing, more and more types of sanitary napkins are being available in the market. These sanitary options claim to keep you tension free throughout your periods. But did you ever think that the ‘tension-free’ sanitary napkins can bring out so many problems for you? No, isn’t it? Then you will be shocked to know as well that these napkins can cause yeast infection and cancer!

We know this pretty well that women in our country have little options for their sanitary issues. But unfortunately, only fewer of the women are aware of the potential harms of these sanitary napkins. Today we are going to tell you how wrong usage and little information about the sanitary napkins can cost your health.

1. It Increases the Risk of Cervical Cancer
First of all, let me tell you, cellulose is being used in sanitary napkins to make them better and more absorbing. This cellulose is no good when health is concerned. If facts were to be believed, women these days are more prone to having cervical cancer. It has been speculated that one of the main reasons behind increased cases of cervical cancer is the use of sanitary napkins.

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2. It Can Cause Many More Diseases
Let me tell you if in case you don’t know, sanitary napkins and tampons contain dioxin which can cause abnormal cell growth near your genitals. The rayon used for increasing the absorptive power of the sanitary napkins is no less than a menace to our reproductive health. Apart from these, the polymers gel (0.6gm), plastic top layer (1.1gm), plastic back sheet (0.96gm) and silicone paper (0.67gm), hot melt seal (0.45gm), etc. are also present in the sanitary napkins. These names, by no means, seems healthy to me.

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3. Problems in Conception
These days, deodorants are being used to vanish away the period blood smell. But little do we know that these deodorants have many harmful effects on our health. Although the manufacturers claim these fragrant to be skin-friendly, but it has been observed these deodorants have adverse effects on your reproductive health. They are said to cause a problem in conception and complications during childbirth.

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4. Blood-Related Issues
Unfortunately, many types of pesticides are also used while manufacturing sanitary napkins. These pesticides enter our blood stream and cause clotting and blood deficiency as well. When ignored for a longer time, it can take the form of many serious blood-related issues.

Sanitary Napkins Are Actually Harmful4Image Source: cdnds

The synthetic material used in making sanitary napkin absorb the blood efficiently. But do you know that this synthetic polymer can cause yeast and bacterial infection in your vagina?

5. It Can Be Damaging To Your Private Parts
The sanitary napkins can also your private parts, directly or indirectly. Let me tell you that the tampons and sanitary contain plasticizers which can have serious effects on your private parts. You must have noticed rashes and redness in your vagina after removing the napkin. That’s what I’m talking about!

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6. It Can Even Cause Death!
Yes, with no intention of freaking you out, let me tell you that if the sanitary napkin is not changed ever 4-5 hours then you can fall prey to ‘Toxic Shock Syndrome’. It can even cause sudden death!

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So be safe, and try to change your napkin every 4 hours to avoid any health related problem.

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