How To Use A Makeup Sponge Properly


Makeup sponges have been in the makeup market for a very long time. But a few years ago the makeup sponge world was actually changed forever when the beauty blender was launched. This little spongy thing changed the way we apply makeup completely. Beauty bloggers all around the globe just can’t stop raving about it. Though it makes your base makeup application so much easier, but still there are certain points that we must keep in mind while using a makeup sponge in general so that you can avoid any harsh lines and unblended makeup patches. Read on to know about these points.

1. Neither too wet nor too dry- You are meant to dampen the sponge either under running water or in a glass of water, so that it absorbs the water, swell up and is ready to apply the makeup. If you want to maintain the perfect amount of moisture in your makeup sponge, then the best way to do it is, after soaking the sponge in the water place it in a towel and squeeze off the excess water. Squeezing the sponge with bare hands does not get enough water out and thus your base end up looking transparent. But if you squeeze it too much the sponge will become dry and your base will not have that flawless finish.

Makeup sponges

2. Dab instead of swipe/drag- When you are using a makeup sponge to apply your base makeup, the best way to do it is by using a dabbing motion instead of dragging and swiping. When you drag or swipe the sponge you are actually moving the foundation and this way you will get a base which is patchy and uneven. Dot your face with foundation and then use a wet sponge to spread the foundation all over your face.

Makeup Sponge2

3. Understand the purpose of its shape- The shape of the makeup sponge is made in a particular way so as to fulfil the needs of your face. The pointed side of the makeup sponge is meant to be used for the under eye area, sides of the nose and the mouth while the other side can be used for applying makeup to the rest of your face such as your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck.

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4. Spray the sponge with setting spray- Once you are done applying your makeup, spritz some makeup setting spray on the makeup sponge and use a dabbing motion to apply it on your face. This will ensure that your makeup lasts longer and will give it a more natural finish.

Makeup Sponge4

5. Use for highlighting- When you want to bake your highlights simply load some translucent powder onto your makeup sponge and apply it on the highlighted area. You use it to bake your under eye and the cheek area under your contour. Leave the powder on for 5-7 minutes and then dust the excess off. Using a sponge gives you a more even finish and will help the powder to it stick onto your skin better.

Makeup Sponge5

6. Lesser effort- As compared to makeup brushes, makeup sponges are much easier to use. Along with that, the finish that you get with makeup sponges is much more natural as compared to the one you get from makeup brushes. Especially when you have open pores, the makeup brushes can make the pores look even bigger with the constant rubbing, but on the other hand, when you use a makeup sponge your pores won’t get aggravated even if they don’t look any smaller. So using a makeup sponge instead of a makeup brush is always a better idea.

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