Is It Safe to Drink Lemon Water During Pregnancy?


The joy of bringing a new life into this world is impeccable. You are on the top of this world. But just like everything else, pregnancy too has its own pros and cons. Everyone, right from your maid to your neighbours are showering their advice on you. Lemon juice has its special place during the gestation phase. It is said to be very helpful in getting rid of morning sickness and nausea. But let’s just revisit some advantages of drinking lemon juice during pregnancy…

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1. Lemon juice is an antioxidant
Lemon juice flushes the toxins out of your body. It keeps the infections at bay. A glass of lemon juice is great to start your day off. It prevents morning sickness and boosts your body with antioxidants.

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2. Lemon juice for baby
Baby can also get benefits from lemon juice. Lemon is rich in potassium, which is an important mineral in developing of bones in the foetus. Lemon juice is also very essential in the development of the brain of the baby.

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3. Lemon juice for indigestion
Indigestion is one of the common things to happen during pregnancy. Pregnant women suffer from indigestion every now and then. Lemon juice cleanses your digestive system and keeps it good functioning.

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4. Lemon juice for blood pressure
A fluctuation in blood pressure is also one of the most common aspects of pregnancy. High blood pressure and low blood pressure is common to occur during pregnancy. Lemon juice keeps the blood pressure under check during pregnancy. So, take a glass of lemon juice whenever you suffer from high blood pressure.

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5. Lemon juice for swelling
Swollen feet are the most hated things by the pregnant women. This medical condition is known as ‘Oedema’. This condition is very painful and uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes it difficult even to walk a few steps on your own. So, keep this swelling away, you can drink lemon juice in lukewarm water. It will ease out the pain that comes with oedema.

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6. Lemon juice for easy delivery
Labor can be painful for some women. But the researchers suggest that lemon juice can ease out your delivery process to a great deal. You can make it a habit of drinking lemon juice in the morning every day to smoothen your delivery process. It is advised that pregnant women should start drinking lemon water right from their 5th month of pregnancy.

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