Do You Know Why Women Love Shopping?


This post is strictly for the men trying to understand their women’s obsession for shopping? No doubt a woman loves to go for shopping and she can take a round in the market anytime. There is no time of the year for women to not shop! “Material desire is something that is beyond control in women.” Men also shop but they are not enthusiastic like women and wait till it is completely important.

Now the question which takes place here is why do you think women love shopping?

Here are some reasons that proves that why women love to go for shopping

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Women love doing it

Why women shop? The best answer of this question is that they love doing it. Whenever women get time or have enough money, you often see them in shops. Its fun, it’s therapeutic, it’s relaxing, even if her legs are sore strutting along from one shop to the other!

To check out new things

Mall is not the only place to explore new stuff. There are a number of fashion trends and shopping paradises explored by women. To take out the spirit of shopping from the heart and mind of a woman is almost impossible.

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Self Obsession

Not all but many women are self-obsessed. They simply love themselves. And hence, women like to try new things and spend money on accessories and clothes that they think will look good on them.

Shopping Elevates their Mood

When women shops it’s something like pampering themselves. If she is in a bad mood and feels annoying, a round of shopping can make her feel happy and lifts up her mood. It is like pampering oneself when no-one tries to make the effort!! K

To Flaunt Off

There are some women who buy even unnecessary stuff just to prove that they are well off and show their monetary factors by shopping like a crazy person. But can shopping bizarre make you fill fulsome and content…well. This needs still to be explored!

Discount and Sale Offers

Wow! Sale is going in and discounted stuffs are awesome there. How can women do injustice to these bargaining offers????

To Beat Other Competitors

After having a glance on the curtains of your new neighbor, she also feels to add some more inches to her home décor. This is just the example to prove that women want it because her friends or someone else has it.

Being women itself proves that women and shopping are made for each other. No one on this earth can break this materialistic bond.

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