Perfect Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes


Eye Makeup is an indispensable part of almost every woman’s daily routine. The purpose of eye makeup is not just to hide flaws (if any present at all!) but to pop and perk up the eyes and enhance the entire look.

It is downright true that every woman is born with unique and beautiful eyes but if you add a dash of colors to them, you can multiply your eyes’ real beauty several times over. With different shapes and colors of eyes, one gets a plethora of choices in eye makeup to choose from.

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If you have brown eyes, it simply means that you can try out a number of shades and they will look absolutely fabulous on your eyes. While working with the eyes, you should be creative to bring out a new and experimental look that looks sophisticated and stylish. Before you pick your brown eyes makeup, evaluate the exact shade of your eyes. Basically, there are three types of brown eyes

  • Dark brown eyes that appear like black
  • Medium brown eyes
  • Light brown eyes

The choice of eye shadows and eye liner colors is ruled by the aforementioned categories. The best part about having brown eyes is that almost every color complement them…however, you should be cautious about certain selected shades and combinations of eye shadows and eye liners.

Dark Brown Eyes

All medium to dark eye shadow colors look gorgeous on Dark brown eyes but for ideal eye makeup for brown eyes, dark brown shades, mauve shades, earthy shades etc do the job. You can also go minimal if your eyes contain golden flecks since the nominal look will shift the attention to your eyes.

Apart from the eye shadow, it is the color of the eye liner that defines the eyes perfectly. For your murky chocolate eyes, you must use dark brown and mauve colored liner.

Dark brown eyes can easily pass off as black. So you can try out make up styles like classic Smokey eye, gradient smokey eye, eyeliner overload aka Avril Lavigne style. For night time, feel free to get creative with and over utilize your dark brown/mauve eye liner and smudge it a bit to make a smooth stroke on the upper lash line and very thinly line your lower lash line and again, smooth it little with cotton or brush.

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Medium brown eyes

For medium brown eyes makeup, you palette must have purple shades, cool green shades, brown shades and champagne shades. Some selected metallic shades like copper, bronze etc also harmonize with the eyes and bring out the natural shade.

While applying eye shadow, just remember that your eyes’ natural colors doesn’t get overshadowed by the makeup but sets the balance.

For a set of sparkling medium brown eyes, a black liner won’t be as effective as a dark brown or navy blue liner. You can try out the classic 60s inspired winged eye liner style as it will enhance the shape as well as the color of your eyes.

Light brown eyes

While figuring the best brown eye makeup, don’t go too overboard and first understand how light your eyes really are. If there are golden flecks in your light brown eyes, then you can add a whole new dimension to your eyes with a diverse palette of colors.
Using light shadows on your eyes would make your eyes pop… however, multiple shadows might do just the opposite so refrain from complicating your palette and go with either a monochromatic or different shade of same color. You can put on very light red-auburn, yellow, green, cyan and light purple shades. Bronze, burnt sienna, silver-gray and carnelian shade also suits light brown eyes.

brown-eyes-makeupTo make your eyes stand out, charcoal, navy or brownish eye liner would do great.

The flawless eye makeup for brown eyes is still very much the matter of application than the choices of shades. To tell you the truth, even if you use the right shades and don’t blend them well, your eyes will resemble those of a clown… so don’t forget that the right application is equally important.

Also, blend your eye shadow properly and always begin with the lighter shade as it helps you to merge the shades well. The rule is light shadow, medium shadow and lastly the darkest shadow (on the outer lid). Brow bone should always be highlighted with a shade that’s lighter than your skin tone. Reserve the mascara for the last step and use a cotton swab instead of a cotton ball to smudge your eye liner to make it appear smooth.

Along with the recommended shades, you can play with the liner style and apply winged, double winged or cat eye styled eye liner. Or you can simply go retro with 60’s style Barbra Streisand or give yourself Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick look with dramatic liner.

Get your pencils, palettes and brushes ready and experiment as if your eyes are your canvas and develop your own unique brown eye makeup style.

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