10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older!


Makeup can do wonders to your overall look if done in a proper way and it helps you look beautiful and young but sometimes you make some makeup mistakes which ruin your look and make you look older than your age. We should avoid them anyhow and stay beautiful.

Here we are going to discuss a few points that will help you look younger and beautiful.

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check out the list here:

1- Foundation

Foundationimage source:blogspot

Foundation is an important product when we are talking about makeup. As foundation provide an equal base for makeup. But it’s important to know how to apply it. If you apply more foundation on your skin it will give you fine lines and your look older than your age. So, just use a medium amount of foundation so you look young and beautiful.

2- Avoid excess makeup

Avoid-excess-makeupimage source:pinimg

Excess of everything is bad, doesn’t matter if it’s eating foods, exercise or your makeup. So, don’t apply too much of makeup because it makes you look older than your age.

3- Use concealer in right way

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Use-concealer-in-right-wayimage source:health

Applying concealer to hide your dark circles in the right way is very important part of your makeup. Because the skin of your eye is thin and delicate due to this the blue lines show clearly. You need to apply hydrating under cream with color corrector. It will provide you a younger look.

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4- Don’t forget your brows

Don’t-forget-your-browsimage source:stuntkebadshah

If you forget your brows while makeup it will give you imperfect look. Use a pencil or fill the brows properly and give them a perfect shape. It will give you a younger look.

5- Use of powder

Use-of-powderimage source:aajtv

Powder has the tendency to fix as fine lines and make you look older. If a powder is an important part of your makeup, use a small brush to apply powder on your face and apply only that area where you need.

6- Avoid dark shades of lip color

Avoid-dark-shades-of-lip-colorimage source:assetsrevista

Lips lose their definition and become thinner with the age. When you apply the dark color of lip shades it will high lights the lines of your lips and make you look older. Use lip liner first then fill it with a light shade of lip color.

7- Blush for younger look

Blush-for-younger-lookimage source:wmnlife

Blush can give you a younger look but when you apply too much blush on your face it will make you look older. When you apply blush, make sure the color of blush will match with your lip color and apply it in an upward sweep to slim face look.

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8- Eyeliner or Kajal

Eyeliner-or-Kajalimage source:wmnlife

Heavy eyeliner highlights the fine lines and makes you look older, instead of this apply brown eyeshadow with a thin brush. It will make you look younger and give you a perfect look.

9- Moisturizer for skin

Moisturizer-for-skinimage source:adorecosmeticshowtouse

You need a smooth and nourished base for perfect makeup. If you hydrate and moisturize your skin, it will help you while makeup and you get a younger look.

10- Shimmery eyes

Shimmery-eyesimage source:cheatsheet

When you use metallic or shimmery eyeshadows, it will highlight your fine lines and you look older than your age. If you want to use metallic or shimmery eyeshadows use matte or satin finish eyeshadows in a powder base and use it in the center of your lid for a perfect look.


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