9 Interestingly Useful Hacks to Burn Calories Without Making Any Efforts


There are two types of people in this world. Ones who want to lose weight by maintaining a proper diet and workout routine and the other kind who want to lose weight but without doing anything for it. Doesn’t the latter one sound dreamy? How can someone lose those annoying pounds that too without sweating it out hard? But it’s possible in a way or some ways for that matter. Let’s have a look.

Today’s post is dedicated to those latter ones. Here, I am going to share with you some of the easiest ways which can help you burn some extra calories without making you feel tired or putting in the extra effort.

1. Chewing gum- When we are chewing bubblegum we never do that with the intention of losing weight. But the truth is that when you are chewing bubblegum you are actually moving your muscles and thus burning calories without really doing anything. Great way to lose weight for the couch potatoes.

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2. Cycling- Cycling is a great fun activity to try with your family, friends, or even alone. you can also use it as a mode of commutation as it is environment-friendly and gets your leg muscles moving. Apart from that it also helps in burning a lot of calories depending on the pace and distance you cover.

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3. Take the stairs- While you are wasting your time in waiting for the elevator you could easily reach your destination on time by taking the stairs. Along with that, you can burn as much as 7-10 calories every minute while climbing the stairs. Climbing stairs is also a great way to tone your leg muscles. So from next time don’t wait for the elevator and take the stairs instead.

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4. LOL- We all know that laughing is great for our health, but did you know that it helps in losing weight as well? Laughing can help you burn on an average 1.3 calories/minute.

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5. Meditation- Now meditation may not burn calories but it does help in reducing the stress (cortisol level) which eventually improves your calorie-burning capacity. So you see even by just relaxing and not doing anything you can still lose weight. So make sure to take out some time to meditate every day.

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6. Cooking- By cooking your own meals you are assured that you are putting all the healthy things in your meal as compared to restaurant food. In fact, putting up a meal i.e. chopping, cooking and assembling the food for 45 minutes can make you burn 102 calories.

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7. Eating spices- You may have noticed that when you eat something very spicy or bite into a chilli, your nose starts running and you start sweating. What does this mean? It means that something is happening inside your body. This sweating and heating up is the signal that the calorie-burning capacity of your body has sped up. Studies even suggest that having half-tsp. of cayenne pepper can actually increase your metabolism making you burn more calories.

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8. Fidgeting- If you are one of those people who cannot calm their nerves and sit straight without shaking a leg or tapping fingers, then you can easily burn approximately 34 calories in 1 hour just while watching TV.

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9. Walk while you talk- We all spend so much time talking on our cell phones, talking. Why not utilise that time and lose some weight while you are gossiping on the phone? If you walk while you are talking on the phone you can easily lose anywhere from 50-100 calories, depending on how much you love talking.

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