8 Food Items to Avoid If You’re Trying to Lose Weight!

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Weight Loss

Keeping well and staying healthy has become the need of the hour in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, people have started getting more serious towards their health nowadays but the problem begins when this excess weight starts making things worse in life.

Many food experts believe that stopping yourself from eating certain foods is an absolute fallacy. When you forbid yourself to eat certain foods it leads to binge eating. This is the primary reason why you’re not losing weight. You can have the dessert, SOMETIMES! But there are some foods which deserve a complete no-no. In any case, avoid having these foods, no matter how hard your cravings are.

1. Snack That Contains Carbs

When you have carbs alone, your body converts them to simple sugars which are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. In response to this, your body produces excess insulin. This helps your body to absorb the sugar. Hence, you end up being low on blood sugar. Low blood sugar is the reason behind hunger pangs. You will feel like eating more desserts.

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2. Frozen Foods
The foods are first loaded with sodium to make them last longer in the refrigerators. Sodium is a natural preservative. Sodium, as we’ve already told before, is a water retaining agent in our body. It causes bloating. You won’t seem to be losing weight despite the fat you’re shedding. No matter how small the portion of the frozen meal might be, you’ll be piling up on lots of calories.

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3. So-Called Low Fat Foods

This is common psychology eating more when you know that you’re having a low-fat food. Another problem is, when the food manufacturers produce low-fat food, along with the fat, some flavors are also removed. To compensate for that lost flavor, they add sugar. This makes low-fat food even worse for you.

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4. High-Fibre Snack Bar
Fibre is no villain. It is good for keeping your digestive system healthy. It keeps you feeling full even when you’ve had too little. In a single high-fibre bar, there is one day’s worth of fibre. Fibre has to be taken throughout the day in a consistent manner and not in one go. So, you should stop relying on high-fibre snack bar to compensate the fibre levels in your body. Instead, have some naturally fibre-rich foods in your snack and meal.

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5. Juice
Do you know that it takes many oranges to produce 6-ounce of orange juice? When you’re drinking fruit juice, you’re consuming only calories. And the juices are devoid of the natural fibres of the fruit. So, a glass full of fruit juice is just plain calories and sugar. The natural sugar, fructose in the fruit juice can trick your body into gaining more weight.

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6. Artificially Sweet Drinks
Even the diet soda is doing no good for you. Any sweet drink that claims to contain zero calories should be shunned at any cost. When you feel like having a beverage, squeeze a lemon in water and drink it up. Or have carbonated water. It will make you feel fuller and hence you end up eating lesser.

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7. Cereals

The research reveals that when people eat cereal from the larger packages, they consume 22% more. Their mind is made to believe that there is enough food. And they let themselves to eat more. For example, when something is on sale, you’re tempted to purchase more.

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8. Booze
Don’t take the party as an excuse to get high on the booze. Alcohol is the enemy for the weight loss. Alcohol is just calories without any nutrients. When you are high, you tend to eat more and overeat. When you’re drunk, you eat pizza not a salad. Skip the booze when at a party if you seriously want to lose weight.

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